Zindagi Gulzar Hai – A Review

Zindagi Gulzar Hai – A Review

Zindagi Gulzar Hai – A Review

Truly made me feel that life is a bed of roses afterall!

I LOVED the serial! I salute the Pakisthani Serial Director and Producer to create such a lovely piece of artwork  within reasonable budget. This should actually be the entire TV serial funda all about! Comparatively I think Indian TV serials spend a hell lot on their piece of absolute ‘crap’!

Gosh! What has this done to me – I am failing to watch or even like my good old Indian serials – good – because I hadn’t got a taste of Best that ZGH gave me. I truly am gonna miss the serial! Such a lovely way to present things and handle the current generation problems so very well.

The most important factor our current generation suffers from . and the solution has been deftly shown in this story. Kudos to the writer and the intelligence of the Producer to select this lovely story and turn it into an immortal piece of art.

The gist of the serial:

Girls trying to live life like boys forgetting all about maryadas (limits) – are the biggest LOSERS!

Both Zarun’s sister and fiancé suffer because of their flamboyant natures. They liked late night parties, dress up negligibly, hang out with guys till late night.and the result was – Zarun’s sister divorces after 6 months of marriage and Zarun’s fiancée loses him forever – he breaks the engagement because he did not like her tomboyish nature.

This is the very basic thing which women need to learn. A man seeks a woman in his wife not another man! That way he can do by being a gay all his life – where is the woman touch that brings in the feminine warmth in the family that makes a man feel like returning home after a whole day’s tiring work!?

Womanhood is the USP of women – why leave it and run to become a man!? If the creator made us differently – HE must be having some reason behind it – isn’t it?

Lovely song:

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi gulzar hai humko iss se pyaar hai

Aana ek baar hai, kho dena bekaar hai

Zindagi… gulzar hai
Ye ishq ka darbaar hai
Kisi ke gham ko baantna… hi pyar hai
Haan ye pyaar hai

Zindagi… gulzar hai
Ye ishq ka darbaar hai
Yahaan ghamon ko palna bekaar hai
Haan bekaar hai

Yahaan titliyaan muskurati hain
Toh geeton mein dhal jati hai
Yahaan jugnoo jab jagmagate hain
Toh rang ban jaate hain

Yeh mana ke aankhon mein ansoo hain
Dilon mein basi bebasi
Chalo yeh bhi mana ke apno se behter hai ajnabi
Yahaan raaste dushwaar hain
Aur manzilein us paar hain
Magar isse. jeene ko dil tayyar hai
Ho tayyar hai

Yeh zindagi gulzar hai
Yeh ishq ka darbaar hai
Kissi ke gham ko baantna. hi pyar hai.
Haan yeh pyaar hai
Haan pyaar hai
Ho yeh pyaar hai…


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