Why some women like skimpy dressing?

Why some women like skimpy dressing?

Why some women like skimpy dressing?

Such females are also known as smart,
bright, clever and intelligent
For they have ‘hit the nail on the head’!

How else will they attract the
‘porn addict’ males of their generation?
It is a very natural desire of both men & women
(All thanks to the release of hormones during adolescence)
To be attracted towards the opposite sex

Even in the animal kingdom we have various courtship dramas
Like the croaking of the frogs & the dancing of the prawns
So how can we humans be any different?

So now comes the vital part…
How to trap the human male?
Our media & entertainment world
Made good use of this opportunity!
They impregnated the minds of we, the people –
with images to hate, love, abhor or adore!
And most importantly – Lust in the garb of Love!

Several daughters of greedy pig and incest practicing families were invited
Some young females from the Red Light Areas also went
The queue outside the Porn star audition hall was so huge
That ultimately the Porn Organisers had to call the cops to remove the crowd!

Surprisingly all the females were hired
Oh! Yes – Porn Pimps don’t break hearts!
Plus they come handy in lot many tasks
eg. Pornography, group orgy,  setting Honey Traps etc!

So now they work real hard
For Product advertising, marketing & sale
And reach to every ‘Gali Kuucha’ (dark alleys) of every nation…
Town, city, village in this world!

(Things are much easier now & they are thankful to the IT & Internet people esp.)

Having reached every ‘gali kuucha’ of the world
The same Porn females set the standards for We, the people
on who to love, how to love,
Who to kick and how to kick!
How to attract, how to destroy…

And many  dumb females follow the porn stars exactly..
and hence wear dresses that hide less & reveal more..
They are after all trying their level best
to attract the male of their dreams….
Yea – the same porn addict males!
To live happily ever after with!



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