Veere Di Wedding – Review by Kalyug Briefs

Veere Di Wedding – Review by Kalyug Briefs

Veere Di Wedding – Review by Kalyug Briefs

After the blockbuster hits featuring 3 males eg. Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots and Zindagi na milegi dobara, bolly bullies hit upon the idea of making a film with 4 girls – not 3 – no no they need to be original too – you just can’t copy paste concepts blindly !!

Ok now lemme start the review –

Film starts with 4 school girls (XII class – last day of the school) wearing a skirt just about 2 inches more from where the panty ends…..hang on – I need to speak about School uniforms here….

I have studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya and we wore skirts also….. and it was told to us that it should be below the knees and after 8th class – girls were also encouraged to wear salwar kameez. I just don’t understand the psychology behind wearing such utterly short skirts to school! Especially convent schools – where the nuns who manage the school cover even their heads! What kind of a ridiculous psychology is it!? Why are girls encouraged to show their tangris (legs) in school? Where is the need? What does it prove?

Anyway, the 4 girls play a prank and ring the bell before time and run away…..(pssst…the children who come out of the classes were all wearing lengthy skirts though…meaning the Director had given a break to 4 new-comers…so they had to show something to keep the puppies lured to the screen?)

So girl 1 (G1 hereinafter, g=girl) lived in Shanti Villa but her parents were always fighting like cats and dogs. As soon as the mother dies, the father marries a sexy siren much to the disappointment of his own brother who was a gay. So G1 had a gay chacha (uncle) and a sex starved father – there was a scene where G1 was sitting in the living room – dining area – and the father and his new concubine were effing on the sofa making all kinds of noises!! Yuk…this is even cheaper than what happens in bastis (slum areas) where due to dearth of enough space – people eff each other in the small hut with rest of the children sleeping below or even on the bed! So G1 shifts to Australia and starts to live-in with a guy. After 3 years of living in, the guy proposes to her…and she agrees reluctantly – she was from a broken family after all and did not trust males much…..but still she took the chance because she had already lived with him for 3 years.

The guys’ (who G1 was living-in with)  family were probably nouveau riche. The mother of the groom actually presented the future daughter-in-law with a front open button-less gown to wear on her ‘Sangeet’ occasion….so that the rest of the guests could see her milky white breast peeping outta her blouse!! (khwak thoo) – gosh! What cheap and dull idiots we have in India! And the father of the guy was continuously taking loans from the bank – he suddenly got bankrupt and was taken behind the bars! Why!? Because he had arranged for an excessively lavish party to show off to his other nouveau riche friends! So the broken family G1 girl who believed in live-in open relationship ultimately found a nouveau riche family fellow and agreed to marry him!

G2 – girl from an orthodox family (Sikh family in this film) whose father believed in marrying off the daughters immediately after 12th class – elopes with a foreigner and is thrown out of her house for good. She gives birth a boy. She gets piss drunk whenever she gets an opportunity. She is sad because she has put on weight and her husband is probably unable to perform on her (have sex) because of her obesity (it is not very clear though as to why exactly she is sad – because her husband has been shown to be nice and decent. Maybe because she was thrown out of her family –so she was sad.

G3 – filthy rich family girl. Gets married and shifts abroad with husband. She tries her best to please her hubby but is unable to do so…..they show a scene that she has prepared some good dishes for her hubby’s guests but she was not dressed to the occasion to which her husband says that she was looking like some maid servant!….this pissed her off – but then she was from a filthy rich family – had no dearth of clothes – could have kept a servant or cook to prepare the party food….why was she having to cook herself….and moreover, as a hostess, you are supposed to dress well to receive guests…….so the scene was not very convincing!
The reason of break-up of G3 – ridiculous to the core! She was caught masturbating with a vibrator and her husband saw it….so he started to blackmail her! What utter nonsense is this – this was really beyond my understanding also! And guess what!? He was asking for a divorce compensation of Rs. 5 crore!! Really whoever has written such a screenplay should be given an Oscar! So dumb!

So G3 comes back to India, starts going to night clubs, gets drunk and comes home early in the morning! She believes in exposing herself a hell lot – and wearing ridiculous dresses too – the fashion designer is also eligible for an Oscar! Whether she is getting laid with random males in the night club has not be shown though.

G4 is a diehard romantic girl. She had been in love since school days … but that did not work out. Then she fell for her boss and started getting laid….only to come to know later that he was a married male and a father of a child too! She started looking for grooms in the matrimonial sites. She finds one and likes him too. During the party she goes ahead to kiss him….but he was from a decent family and did not quite like a lady kissing in the open so he tells her that he was looking for a wife not a hook-up girl! He drops her and goes but another male shows interest to not only let her kiss him but also to get laid with him! She leaves the party and goes to get laid instead!

So this is the story all about. The movie will be a super flop……because women have been shown to be as wasteful & lustful as men! Women are getting piss drunk, getting laid, kicking the hubby on his mouth and divorcing him at the slightest pretext…such things men don’t quite like women to do…..they are snatching their USP of being an alcoholic, lustful, base male!


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