Trapped – Film Review

Trapped – Film Review

Trapped – Film Review

Let me come straight to the story of the film!

A rather unconfident looking fellow (played by Rajkumar Rao) is shown to be drawn towards an attractive female colleague….not a lady colleague…a female colleague. So the question may arise as to why am I calling her a female – and not a lady! Well, here is why…

The female he was eyeing on was already engaged to be married in 2 months. When she saw that a simpleton is drawn towards her, she decides to have fun anyway. She readily accepts his proposal of going around & dating him and starts having sex with him also! She is shown to actually visit the guy’s hostel room or maybe a paying guest apartment – where there were already his friends (guys all of them) watching TV…and she happily walks in with him inside his room…for obvious reasons – no lady will ever walk into a male apartment and then lock herself up with him inside a room…in India we call such females as cheap, available and sex-starved female! She is shown to be more enthusiastic to get physical with him! She then tells him that for her to cancel the marriage, he needs to have a house of his own for after marriage she can’t move in with his other male partners in the apartment. And this is where he gets trapped!

He goes looking for apartment on rent but also wants a cheaper deal – since he had just begun his career and did not have much of a bank balance. So he meets a small time fraud kind of a broker (many in number in India) and he takes him to a building – that was although fully built already – but flats were not allotted to the owners because of some breach of contract between the builder and the Sarkar (Government)! This is a very common thing in India – suppose a builder gets permission to build a multi-storeyed  building or huge complex….high rise building complex mean huge amount of money..which also mean huge amount of bribe to Government officials to sanction. But because after 5 years the Government changes…the previous Govt. representatives leave and a new bunch takes over…so now they expect the builder to feed their greed yet again – which usually is done also –  but in case the builder fails, they will have obstructions from the Govt. to sell the flats!

So Rajkumar pays for one such flat on the 35th floor with a faulty door that locked itself from outside and it was difficult to open it. Somehow Rajkumar got locked inside – his phone stopped working because electric supply of the building stopped suddenly.  There was hardly any water supply and he could not call ayone for help because no one could hear his voice from that height.

Thus started his struggle! Nothing to eat and no water to drink – his life became nightmarish during the days that he was trapped! He was a strict vegetarian…but in order to survive he started hunting pigeons too! He was afraid of rats…but eventually he made friends with it…necessity is the mother of invention after all! Basically the film showed that for survival a human can do anything …and it is not a sin really! Saving himself was more important for him…showing that we, the people, are just fighting over silly religious dogmas that probably got created due to some survival strategy of our ancestors…and if we find it redundant, then we should let go of it!

Anyway, he somehow survived and escaped the hellhole and finds out that none of his friends even missed him or knew of his absence! His female friend – who he intended to marry was wed off to someone else…thank God!

Esoteric significance – Probably his guardian angels or ancestors saved him from marrying a game girl who would have made his life more miserable – better to have a week’s misery than life-long misery to be with a female who dives on bed with anyone who catches her fancy! Such females make ‘desperate housewives’ and ‘irresponsible mothers’ – whose priorities are very clear in life – have fun with opposite sex…whenever possible!


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