Sex Workers Vs. Household Ladies – Modus Operandi

Sex Workers Vs. Household Ladies – Modus Operandi

Sex Workers Vs. Household Ladies – Modus Operandi

This article states the different ways that women belonging to different sectors work –

Sex Workers – both licensed and unlicensed :

A sex worker does not – cannot actually – see the following:

Age of customer, she has to please anyone between 14 (or less?) to 84 (or more?)

Caste/ creed/ breed of the customer – She has to render her services to anyone belonging to any caste.

Habits & manners of the customer – Sex workers rather prefer dirty and loser like qualities from the males who visit them regularly ….otherwise who would visit them?!

Monthly Salary of the customer – does not need to know as long as he is paying her whatever she charges – or else the pimps will boot him to near death

Hygiene of the customer – He can be ultra hygienic or least bothered about cleanliness – does not matter to the sex worker – she adjusts accordingly because she has to just spend couple of hours with the loser – does not really matter whether he is ultra clean or excessively dirty

Demands of the customer – A sex worker can charge the customer extra if he demands some maniac-like participation during sex that he may have seen in some blue film (made locally or from abroad) – she fulfils all his pervert demands in exchange of more money.

Non possessive nature – Sex workers are not possessive at all about their customers (unless the client pays lots of extra tips – then he may have a problem because the sex workers will scream and shout and create a ruckus for having him in their room – in such a case of course the male should visit different brothels and keep one concubine in particular so that they don’t fight with each other – you see losers visit brothels to escape from petty fights that they face at home – they would certainly not like the females screaming at the top of their voices in the corridor)

Household ladies

Meaning mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, maids etc.

Age factor – Usually parents see to it that the groom’s age is more than the bride – not a hell lot more that happened in yester-era – like 45 years old man marrying a 9 years old girl – but some age difference is preferred so that along with love, a respect factor is also present because the groom later becomes a father too and the father of the house should be respected by the mother otherwise children grow up learning to disrespect the father figure…..such children usually lack discipline and sense of responsibility when they grow up.

Caste/ creed/ breed of the man – Earlier – till even late 19th century, a lot of stress was given on the caste of the family where the daughter will be wed off – but since ‘just belonging to high caste’ does not guarantee good or strong or noble personality, people are speedily giving up such factors but look into the educational and financial status of the to-be groom. Obviously as parents, they have to be doubly sure whether the man they select for their daughter would be capable of giving her a good and healthy lifestyle.

Habits and manners of the groom – Behaviour and interaction with people is keenly observed by the to-be in-laws because that is used as an assessment as to how will their daughter will be treated eventually. Soft-spoken and gentle attitude yet intelligent in career or business dealings is usually preferred.

Monthly salary / financial status of groom – Very important to know to assess whether he is capable of giving their daughter the similar lifestyle & comfort that she has grown up with.

Hygiene, etiquette etc. – Very important to know beforehand. No one would like a dirty male as their son-in-law……unless of course – if they are themselves dirty! After all it is the matter of a lifetime – if the woman has grown up in cleanliness and is ultra sensitive regarding hygiene and stuff, she cannot adjust with the man who is least bothered about cleanliness.

Maniac like dirty demands – Not usually entertained by household ladies – so the marriage ends either in divorce or a more pathetic existence with constant bickering and a permanent unrest in home front……turning a male into a customer heading towards the brothel.

Possessive nature of life partners – The man becomes answerable to almost every move he makes…after all the wife has to be sure that he has not become a carrier of AIDS or Venereal Disease or STD (Sexually transmitted disease)!

Coming up soon – A different league of females – Desperate Housewives …or desperate Working women….or just desperate females – who, in absence of brothels for females to visit, dive on bed with random males- causing recession in Red Light Areas – pretty much alarming…..for the licensed sex workers!


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