Sanju – The Sensitive Child – A film review

Sanju – The Sensitive Child – A film review

Sanju – The Sensitive Child – A film review

Was very sad to watch the film! Really – the actor has had a roller coaster ride throughout his life.

Some things that we get to see in the film –

Sanju’s father was a very strict disciplinarian man – that did not suit the sensitive side of child Sanju. His father had sent him to the boarding school when he had caught him smoking at the age of 6 ! Parents think that boarding school is some sort of a magical kingdom (like the one Harry Potter attends) that will turn their wards into supermen and super women! Also Hindi films show Boarding schools in a very bad light – like childhood goes for a toss, have to wash own clothes, lay the bed etc. and when the child does all this – he grows up to be a smart, balanced gentleman! On the other hand – we also hear cases of sodomy and child sex abuse done by wardens or senior class boys – rather contradictory! So first lesson learnt – Boarding school is not the solution.

Celebrity children live in a very contradictory environment

Hindi films talk about chastity of women and how the pure and chaste women get the best of grooms – but in real life his mother Nargis is known for her roaring love affair with Raj Kapoor and only when he turned her down (after exploiting her amply- and getting fresher & better and younger options like sexy nubile Zeenat Aman – Satyam shivam sundaram & fair complexioned Mandakini – Ram teri Ganga maili) did she marry his father Sunil Dutta.

So chastity, purity, virginity are just concepts for the reel – for the dumb we, the people – actually the more scandalous and sassy a female is – the more rich and affluent suitors she is likely to get! Perhaps for this reason, the celeb kids can’t attend regular schools with children of ordinary class people and have special schools where most of the kids belong to actors or actresses…so that no one points fingers at others regarding the scandalous past of their respective parents!

Maybe this is one of the reasons that Sanju Baba took to drinking, drugs and womanising – he saw the artificiality of life too soon in his own life. Under such contradictory state of affairs – who can remain normal? Better to get stoned wit alcohol and drugs and brand yourself as a hooligan – no questions will be asked – people will only look at you with sympathy – that’s all!

The drug peddler

Very intelligent people! The one called God in this film himself never took any drugs but used to rope in rich guys and sell them drugs..and the rich dullards bought the drugs from them! All this to forget the contradictory state of affairs! Poor men!..poor rich men!

The prison cell and torture by Police

Strangely we were given the impression that rich people who are jailed get a 5 star treatment in the prison cell – AC, TV, bed – everything is given to them! But in the film the cops even beat Sanju and he was alloted a dirty, dark and damp cell that leaked the poo of all the inmates during rainy season! Another important revelation of Mumbai rains – floods and sewage system in jeopardy! Meaning when it raisn in Mumbai – the big corporate sector people also wade through the poo of Mumbaikars! Hail Mumbai, hail India! It is amazing that till date the Mumbai Municiplaity could not hire civil engineers or constructors to come up with a solution!! Whereas in the same Mumbai – 30 crore has been spent on a single Item dance also! Meaning Mumbaikars forgive everything when a nubile female dances semi-nude for them!!?? Jai ho Jai Ho!

Such fragile philosophies the actors have

I was amazed to see the father citing examples of Hindi film songs to his son and was actually trying to motivate him with the filmy songs!!? A person who has spent so many years of his life in the Mayanagri – inside the film industry – knowing very well how farce and fake the people are in this Industry – he still believed in all that!? Poor Sanju must have felt so sad for his innocent father also!

The Politician’s scene

The aged politician dozed off while talking…..deep sigh – really? Indians voted for a sleepy PM?

Ruby was lucky to have left Sanju!

Ruby – who could be actually Tina Munim – surely had her guarding angels working to save her from the maniac drug addict! We had heard of rumors way back in the 1980’s that Nargis had asked Tina to promise her to marry Sanju! Well – that’s what we read about in the filmfare or stardust magazines!

Overall – I felt sad for Sanju! Poor thing had to go through a lot of hell…a hell lot of hell!


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