Padmavat – The Review by

Padmavat – The Review by

Padmavat – The Review

Much ado about nothing!

I went through Wikipedia – read the legends about Rani Padmini – about talking parrot Hiraman describing the beauty of Rani Padmini to Ratan Singh – the King of Chittor! Sounds so fairy tale-ish!

The biggest thing being  this – taken from Wikipedia ::The earliest source to mention the Chittor siege of 1303 CE is Khaza’in ul-Futuh by Amir Khusrau, who accompanied Alauddin during the campaign. Khusrau makes no mention of any Padmavati or Padmini.

This seems to be a fantasy of romantically inclined courtesans/ jesters/ entertainers – the same ones who created a hype about Anarkali and Prince Salim! Anakkali being the daughter of the aayah – governess of the Prince – always the fantasy of poor people to link themselves with rich and affluent people – to lead a luxurious life! It’s kind of hope given to commoners that one day a very rich Prince will come and marry you…all fairy tales have this one common link!! Just imagine the fantasy – Salim – belonging to Islam – they are allowed more than 1 wife…and being an emperor – he could marry several women of high families plus were also given sex-maids for fun and entertainment – why on earth would a male who has so many options – choose to be loyal and love only one single woman – that too born to a poor aayah – could she be more beautiful than some well bread Princess who probably bathed in almond milk and raisins?! Where is the logic? Just a fantasy – period.

As far as Jauhar is concerned – it was very common during the early centuries…it was still prevalent till early 19th century too – as Sati Pratha – die on the funeral pyre of the husband – that was eradicated by men like Raja Rammohan Roy nd Vidyasagar…and many other men who acquired the light of knowledge and decided to implement it too!

So Jauhar is not a myth – it happened – some queens and the wives of Ministers/soldiers burnt themselves alive – so that they are not raped and humiliated by the soldiers of the enemy kingdom. Because people have a tendency to fantasize love and romanticism…the poets or writers wrote about Allaudin’s obsession for a beautiful Queen of Chittor so that the story of jauhar is kept alive – the story of chastity and sacrifice done by women is kept alive…because otherwise only the strength and valour of men is talked about – sacrifice of women are happily forgotten!…after all the writers are also men…that time women hardly were educated!!

Lastly – during our struggle for freedom from the Britishers also – there are several cases of women jumping into wells and from high-rises so that the local creeps don’t gang rape them….films like Hey Ram – Kamal Hasan, SRK ; 1947 Earth – Aamir Khan; Pinjar, and many other films on independence – before, while, after – women have been raped, gang raped and murdered…….

And let me add this also – if even today – with so much technological advancement – CCTV etc. – if some communal riots take place – women will be pulled out of their houses and raped and murdered and killed in front of the males of their families…and they will just be silent spectators….watch the film ‘Airlift’ – Akshya Kumar – you will see how young boys – between 18 to 21 years were pulling men out of their huge mansions and shooting them….and then….well – this is what will happen everywhere because no steps are taken to motivate people…the dons hire young blood and go on a bombing and shooting spree…..and we, the people, abuse on social networks!

Observations from the film::

Such beastly creatures became the rulers of Delhi – Delhi Sultanat ke maalik were beasts!! The way they were dancing like cannibals…it really gave me the chills to even imagine the status of women who were having to live with those kind of beastly males!! Yikes!

So sex-maids from Misr (Egypt) were brought to entertain the soldiers and kings! Sex slave trafficking is a very old profession huh! Still going full on!

The females (sex-maids)  dancing and Allaudin’s own wife was much prettier than Padmini!

I hope Indian Men with ussool (strict adherence to rules & regulations) learn from this film to ‘Nip the devil in the bud’ – or else the devils will ‘Nip the angels in the bud’!

Homosexuality was given birth to because of such wars and aggressiveness – soldiers entertained themselves sodomizing etc…what else could they do? Few sex maids went to the kings and the senior ministers…what about the young and hot blooded men?! Homosexuality was the only choice left to them!

And last but not the least – during interval they were screening the sponsors of the film Padmavat…and guess who did we see on the screen? Sunny Leone advertising for Manforce condoms…..the entire hall burst out laughing – how much more contradictory can we, the people ,be!

More about Padmavat –


So this Rajpurohit was caught eavesdropping & even trying to see the intimate moments of his king and his new beautiful bride – kinda wanting to witness the royal ‘blue film’ live!

He was caught and the king decided to end his life.

The queen interfered with his decision and said that there was no need to malign the land with his dirty blood – better banish him from the kingdom!

The king had just gotten married to this beautiful princess so probably he listened to her – and that called for the doom of every citizen of that kingdom!

The Rajpurohi could have been given an ‘aajeevan karawas’ (life imprisonment) but …well he was ousted from the kingdom!

Rajpurohit then took his revenge by marketing the beauty of the Queen to mad Mugal King Khilji – so the savage Khilji – who had access to several sex maids from Mishr (Egypt) – probably more fairer and beautiful-er than Padmini plus gay partners as well- attacked Padmini’s kingdom and brought it down completely ….. the queen wanted to keep her land pure and had banished the Rajpurohit for that…in return of which she drenched her kingdom with the sea of blood of soldiers, ministers…and several burnt and charred bodies of the mothers, wives…& daughters!!

Deep sign…women – when men decide something – esp. when he has been given the power to decide…..we must not interfere – men know the world around much more…they also know the male psyche more than us….let them do their work….I guess!


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