Our Outdated Values…and the repercussions!

Our Outdated Values…and the repercussions!

Outdated Values

How do you inculcate
In your daughters –
Value system comprising
Chastity, Morality, Loyalty
The concept of virginity…
When all billboards, Newspapers
Magazines, T.V, Internet are flooded
With images of both soft & hard core
Porn Stars?

From what we get to see around us
It is observed that more the shameless a female
More is her demand…
Not just in the tinsel town….
pretty much everywhere – in every field!

So folks, now we have females..
Not all…but many in number –
Females With Zero Scruples
FWZS – hereinafter.

So FWZS are usually flamboyant
flirtatious, frivolous, frolicsome
And then they get married too
But marriage does not change your intrinsic nature
Like Marriage is not a ‘Nature Changing’ miraculous happening!

So what happens now?
FWZS continue with their frivolous behaviour
They readily become ‘Desperate Housewives’
They continue having clandestine affairs
For them the Home front is just a façade
They continue existing the way they wish
In the meantime – children are born
Well – to keep up with the façade
FWZS are intelligent enough & know
How to keep their hubbies trapped in their web
Forever…but then the hubbies too understand things…

Now children begin to grow and understand the ways of the world
They can also understand the façade of their moms
& the reluctance of their dads to continue with the smokescreen …
They can feel that they live in a ‘Zero Love’ environment

They know that they are just a part of a façade
Their tender hearts break….but quickly they get repaired too..
Thanks to media that promote ideas like boozing & womanizing
is what the world is all about!
So history repeats itself – much like the same way
Children of loveless couples
take to drugs, alcohol and reckless sex
and get ready to be sucked in Hell!




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