National Anthem In Movie Hall

National Anthem In Movie Hall

National Anthem In Movie Hall

After the advertisements were shown, the screen showed the message asking the audience to stand up to respect the National Anthem. Every one stood up promptly…except business man Ali. Kuldeep Singh, a banker, was seated beside him….and happened to see that Ali was happily checking out his whatsapp messages. Thinking he was not aware of his surroundings, Kuldeep nudged him slightly on his shoulders asking him to stand up as the National Anthem had already begun.

Ali looked up at him – with a frown on his forehead – then resumed fingering his smartphone.

Kuldeep could not take his nonchalant attitude towards the National Anthem. This time he shook him briskly holding his upper arm.

Ali: Kya hai Bhaisahaab, kya problem hai aapko? (what is it Sir, what is your problem?)

Kuldeep: Mere ko koi problem nahi hai boss…lekin tereko shayad problem hai…tujhse khada nahi hoya jaa raha? Sun nahi sakta – National Anthem chal raha hai? (I have no problems buddy but I think you have some problems – can’t you stand up – can’t  you hear the National Anthem is going on?)

Ali – Haan sun raha hoon..main behera nahi hoon… Lekin mai khada nahi hona chahta…(yea- I am listening, I am not deaf…but I don’t want to stand up)

Kuldeep: oye!Tujhse koi request nahi kar raha hoon mai – yeh National Anthem hai aur tujhe khada hona padega (Hello ! You are not being requested – this is the National Anthem going on and you better stand up)

Ali – Kyu? koi jabardasti hai kya? ( Why? Is it compulsory?)

Kudeep had already lost his cool – he had now started screaming and others were also looking his way – everyone in the hall wanted Ali to stand up. The movie hall ticket checker (TC) humbly came forward and requested Ali.

TC – Sir, Please khade ho jaaiye na – yahi niyum hai….(Sir, kindly stand up..this is the rule)

Ali – Tu mujhe rule seekhayega? Meri marzi – mai khada hoon ya na hoon  – mujhe koi force nahi kar sakta….( you will teach me rules? It is my wish whether I stand or not – no one can force me)

Kuldeep (literally screaming) – Tu kya – tere pichle saath puste bhi khade honge – (Kudeep tried to pull him up) (not just you – but your last 7 generations will stand)

Salman, a Software Engineer, was seated on the row above, and as he saw the situation turning from bad to worse, he intervened.

Salman: Excuse me Sir, myself Salman. What exactly is your problem? Why are you not standing?

Ali: My wish – I will not stand?

Salman – Not standing means you are disrespecting the Nation where you live.

Ali : Okay fine…yes I have no respect….

Salman: Really? Oh – Sir you Smartphone is charged?…fully charged?

Ali (somewhat confused): What….yes…no 70% charged hai kyu?

Salman: Kaha rehte hai Sahab aap? (Where do you live?)

Ali: Park Circus ….

Salman – I see…aapko pata hai na ki Park Circus main electricity Bharat Sarkar deti hai? (you know for sure that that electricity supply is given by the Indian Government at Park Circus)

Ali went silent and looked irritatingly at Salman – Ali had thought that Salman, being a Muslim like him, had come to his rescue…

Salman continued..

Salman: Sir aap paani to peete hi honge – Indian municipality supply, khana to khate hi honge – Indian dukaano se….kya kaam karte hai aap? (Sir, you must be drinking water – Indian municipality supply, eating food – buying from Indian markets…what is your occupation?)

Ali was silent.

Kuldeep – Abey kuch pooch raha hai woh – jawaab to de. (Hello, you are being asked something – just reply)

In the meantime couple of people had assembled around their seat and listening to Salman.

Ali: Business hai…

Salman– kis cheese ka business hai Sir? ( What kind of business Sir?)

Ali: Kapdo ki dukaan hai……(Clothes merchant)

Salman – Yaani ki Indians logo ke liye aap kapde bechte hai…..khareedari  to hoti hogi? (meaning you sell clothes to Indians…is your business running successfully?)

Ali silent.

Salman: Woh toh hoti hi hogi..multipex main aakar cinema dekh rahe hai…with combo offer (Salman said pointing at the large size popcorn and cola combo offer stuck to his chair) – khareedari toh acchi hi chalti hogi! (of course you must be doing good business – coming to a multiplex for watching a film and buying the combo offer – you must be doing good business here!)

By this time others were smiling and looking at Salman.

Salman: Itna sab kuch milne par bhi aapko koi respect nahi aa raha…aap ka bahut bura haal ho raha hoga yahan! Mere paas aapke liye ek bahut accha offer hai Sir….mera ek friend hai woh raato raat Visa aur plane ya train ticket karne main maahir hai…aap bas apne family ke details boliye – main un sab ke liye Visa, passport ka bandobast kar deta hoon…..kyuki jis jagah aap khush nahi…us jagah doosare log bhi aap se na khush rehenge….do din ki toh zindagi hai….kyu na aap vahi chale jaaye jahan aapko khushi milti hai aur dil se respect bhi aata hai!?

(In spite of getting so much you are unable to respect ! you must be living under lots of pressure – I have a very good offer for you – I have a friend who is an expert in making quick passport and Visa with train or plane tickets…you just give me your family details – I will make the arrangements ASAP – for you see Sir, if you are unhappy with your surroundings then surely others in your surrounding are also unhappy – our lives are short anyways – why waste it in hatred and animosity – why don’t you just go where you feel happy…and where you feel respectful too?)

Ali remained silent.

Kuldeep– Mai phir se National Anthem chalane bol raha hoon – tu khada hoga? ( I am asking the authorities to re-play the Nathional Anthem – will you stand?

Ali nodded.

Kuldeep to TC:  Bhaisahaab please phir se National Anthem chalane bole.

People went back to their respective seats, couple of them shook hands with Salman.

National Anthem was re-played and Ali stood with his head slightly bent….


Image ctsy.: Bangalore Mirror


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