Male Foeticide – Where and why does it happen?

Male Foeticide – Where and why does it happen?

Male Foeticide – Where and why does it happen?

Brothels or Red Light areas probably are the only places where  the Male Child is destroyed in the womb….and the birth of female is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show (I mean in lesser privileged areas of human existence where people are ignorant & illiterate & live in dire poverty).

The logic behind is so clear – female means a new product has been launched –(remember a sex worker is just treated like an object) who will start earning from the age of 4 or 5 onwards! Male children are also used by paedophiles but when males grow up, they are not of much use for the sex workers – apart from becoming pimps or join some terrorist group or work for some corrupt politician. SO sex workers don’t have much use of the males as they create more ruckus than doing some good for the females in the brothels!

For example, when the male children grow and turn into adults – they obviously are physically stronger than the females so they start demanding things which they  expect their mothers to fulfill dutifully – like:

  1. Giving them money to booze – or they will hit them or threaten to scar the face of their sister(s) forever!! A scar faced sex worker has very little chances of winning the lust of a customer. So the poor mother has to feed her daughter forever…..therefore in order to avoid such gory incidents – the sex-worker mother quickly fulfills the demands of her son!
  2. Some of them who become pimps, keep a larger share of money they get from clients. If the mother or sister or even daughter tries to say against it, they are beaten black and blue – remember- males are physically stronger!
  3. Some of them become political goons – acquire more power & riches than many supposedly educated, sober and cultured males – such sons try to impress their friends and comrades by giving them sex for free!! Mother or sister cannot say anything against it…because they will be beaten black and blue….

So folks, who in their sane minds want to be beaten black and blue huh!? Therefore, sex workers are now getting their SDT (Sex Determination Test) done and just as soon as they realize that it is a male – they abort it with immediate effect!


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