Maatr – Film Review

Maatr – Film Review

Maatr – A mother’s revenge!

When law & order fails…Mother will take over the case!

Let me start the story with a 13 years old girl from a broken family – Meenal. Meenal is a school going girl studying in class 8 or 9. She is from a broken family – in the sense that both parents are often fighting with each other – father is a frustrated drunkard and mother is dissatisfied with her husband. She quietly sits locked in her room when her parents scream and shout at each other! In comes a young boy – in his early 20’s and sees the state of the broken family. He realizes that the man of the house is an incorrigible drunkard and the wife is frustrated. So in order to have free sex with the frustrated- but experienced in s*x- wife, he gets a bottle of alcohol for the husband and himself enjoys sex with the wife – i.e. Meenal’s mother.

One day he sees a young Meenal at home and shows interest in having her as the sex mate instead – but obvious folks – daughter is barely 13 or 14 – young and taut skinned – much more alluring for a man in his 20’s. But since he is having free sex with the mother at home so he forces her to meet him at the hotel or else he will destroy the house….blah blah  – basically Meenal succumbed to his advances out of fear and started going to his hotel – dressed like an ‘escort girl’!!

Now Meenal has a friend called Tia in school. Tia’s mother is a teacher in the same school. At the annual function of the school, Tia’s team (that included Meenal) win a prize for best presentation – they presented the Ramayana btw. The Chief Minister had come as the chief guest and his son – a wasteful drug addict son – along with is friends (that included the boy who used Meenal) had come to watch the annual function. The boy – who used Meenal for sexual services – points out to his friends that he was having a good time with Meenal. They ask him to invite her over to their farm house that night. Meenal refuses and says – lies –  that she is going home with her teacher and friend Tia in their car.

The boys followed the car and by chance the car meets with a small accident – as they were trying to take a short cut – Oh! Don’t trust the GPS in India…not as yet folks! Since the place was isolated, the boys – around 7 of them carry the mother and daughter to their farm house – rape them both and then decide to even kill them! Tia dies but her mother survives!

Vidya – Tia’s mother – remembers all the guys who raped her daughter – she reports to the police but because the CM’s son was involved, so the case was dismissed! Vidya herself kills the guys – one after the other!

Certain scenes are pretty disturbing!

CM’s son does not care to talk to the cops politely! He treats them like muck and the police officers were also shown as helpless porcupines!

A school going girl goes to the hotel in the evening dressed as a pick-up girl! Broken family girls usually take up such odd jobs! Shows the importance of well knit families and strong moral values – or else the children of the family have to face the brunt of it!

Basically it was because of Meenal that Tia had to lose her life! Poor Tia was an ordinary girl of a school teacher….though even her parents were not compatible – they were just living together so that Tia does not have to face the trauma of being from a broken family! Alas – in spite of all the act put up by her parents – she dies a gory death!

The CM was a criminal as all his crimes were being enlisted as he was fighting for elections! Shows how dumb is the common Indian mass to elect a criminal as their leader! Such a criminal father will obviously have a criminal son who does not respect anyone or anything other than money, power and fame!

All the criminals die at the end. The mother kills them all with her intelligence!


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