Judwa 2 – Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Judwa 2 – Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Judwa 2 – Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Although I have elaborated the film gist in the video but still I will write in short for people who don’t have the patience to watch video blogs.

Judwa 2 – is a film about twins separated at birth. One reaches the slums of Versova and the other reaches the plush bungalow of his parents in London! One becomes an illiterate, tapori (brash) kind of person – happily singing, dancing and flirting with any female he sets his eyes on and the other is suave, sophisticated and gentle.

The above makes one wonder about the elaborate astrological charts that get generated for individuals! How on earth the twins had such a drastically different astral configuration….they both had exactly the same time, date, place even minute of birth…yet both had such different lifestyles!

So does it mean Karmas override Horoscope?  Maybe the two different souls had different set of karmas and hence one reached the slums and the other reached the bungalow!

Second observation – Indian cinema use females as fillers to give cheap thrills to we, the people! Both the young and attractive heroines were made to wear scanty panties and asked to jump high and low so that the viewers catch a glimpse of their chaddies! Period. And then they showed that a filthy rich daughter of a mall owner went all dizzy up on being kissed by the slum dweller of Versova! This has been shown in many films by the way! As far as I remember – in Betaab – Sunny Deol kissed unruly Amrita, In Hum Dil de chuke Sanam, Ajay Devgan kissed Aishwarya…and many more such films….and mind you that becomes the turning point in the heroin’s life! She becomes totally  smitten – dhili-dhali – silly pilly after being smooched! Ridiculous! In real life such an incident will usually call for a lot of trouble for the male – in Kolkata, better not try these stunts or you would be beaten publicly!

judwaa-2-aa-toh-sahi-collage judwaa2starcast

Anyway, so basically often it is shown in Hindi films that a filthy rich girl falls for a rustic beggar!Such concepts raise the expectations of the poor slum dwellers and such smarties start singing and eve teasing ordinary family girls thinking that if filthy rich female in the film could fall for a slum dweller, why wouldn’t some middle class family girl fall for me!? And when nothing of this sort happens, we hear cases of acid bombs and rapes and murders!

Kiss trends in Hindi Cinema

Kiss trends in Hindi Cinema

Whatever little understanding I have of this world, I think the richer you are, the more heightened and refined would be your tastes…I really don’t understand why Bollywood shows such concepts of utter mismatch! Even in the film ‘ Jab Harry Met Sejal’ – the diamond merchant’s daughter sticks to a tour guide….gets overly pally with him and even performs like a raunchy pole dancer to impress him!! How stupid can that be!

Third observation: Charles, the criminal, had a very loyal and faithful group of people working for him! Wonder what kind of counselling or incentives these criminals give that their employees stick to them like glue! Need to learn such things from criminals!

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