Humsafar – A Review

Humsafar – A Review

Woh Humsafar Tha…….on Zindagi Channel

Pure selfless love -WINS vs. selfish love – Loses.

So in this serial Fawad’s mother thinks that her son deserves the best deal in life but unfortunately his father forces him to marry Khirad-who was a simpleton. Fawad’s mother acted all the time that she has accepted Khirad but planned to throw her out of Fawad’s life by creating a major misunderstanding! Sarah, in the mean time continues to love Fawad and is confident that one day he’ll accept her! Fawad in the mean time falls in love with Khirad – much to the disappointment of his mother!

Anyway, Fawad’s mother wins in creating the misunderstanding and they part ways….much later – after about 4 years, Khirad comes back in Fawad’s life because their daughter suffered from some ailment that needed money. Misunderstanding gets cleared, Fawad forgives his mother…who had gone mad, Sarah could not tolerate her failure – she commits suicide and Fawad lives happily ever after!

So what does it teach again…simplicity (Khirad) wins the race, loyalty(Sarah’s) tainted with selfish desire fails, Treachery(Mother’s) made her suffer in the end.

Had Khirad not become pregnant, the mother would have remained treacherous and Sarah would have continued to live – waiting….Is this what fate is all about? Does this mean that the ailment of their daughter was a ‘good’ thing to happen after all? We should not react to circumstances vehemently… since we are not aware of the bigger picture!



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