Ek Gandi Machli Saare Taalab ko Ganda kar deti hai

Ek Gandi Machli Saare Taalab ko Ganda kar deti hai

Ek Gandi Machli Saare Taalab ko Ganda kar deti hai.

One rotten fish can contaminate the entire pond.

Short Story:

So Mrs Dev, a mother of two sons, had locked the adult TV channels and adult rated sites on the Internet – lest her children don’t accidentally stumble across adult rated images or film clips. So did many others – most educated and cultured parents were aware of the harmful effects of pornography and did everything they could to keep such images away from the sight of their children.

Mr. and Mrs. Sen were different though – very different. Mr. Sen was having an affair with the sexy secretary he had purposely hired to have fun with and Mrs. Sen was busy with her own clandestine affairs with anyone who caught her fancy. Dhiraj, their son, had access to everything since the age of 8! They had a male servant who used to watch porn stuff on TV and even the Internet as wifi was freely available in the house …as  Dhiraj was presented a Tab on his 8th birthday…of couse with the intention that he will download the digital encyclopedia…but Ramu, the servant, made better use of his Tab!

With no one at home to bother about Dhiraj – both parents busy with their own immoral lifestyles, Dhiraj came to know about the ways of the world a bit too soon. And soon his house became the favourite den for most of his school friends! His parents were so COOL – they let him watch everything…..unlike their orthodox and impractical parents who censored things that one is bound to know about eventually – such silly parents……and Ramu was there to even initiate couple of his friends into homosexuality!

Years passed……sons and daughters did not behave the way they were expected to…most parents wondered what went wrong with their upbringing…little did they know that Dhiraj and Ramu were responsible for the unexpected rude and selfish behaviour of their children!!

Ek Gandi Machli Saare Taalab ko Ganda kar deti hai.


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