Desperate housewife kills unsuspecting husband!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Desperate housewife kills unsuspecting husband!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Husband pays heavily for forgiving his ‘desperate’ housewife!- A Savdhaan India Episode

The husband looks like he is in his late 30s or early 40s. So is the wife…not that she is very young and has gotten married to an old hag – she also looks like she is in her early or late 30’s.

The husband has to be out of house on official  tours etc. So his wife ropes in a much younger and virile male to have sex with in absence of her husband. He happens to be their relative so the fact that the young virile male is often loitering in the house does not disturb the unsuspecting husband.

As luck would have it, one fine day the hubby returns home earlier than usual and catches them both on bed! A major showdown happens, virile male runs away from the scene, wife asks for forgiveness and husband begins to sulk.

This continues for 3-4 months, the wife cooks, hubby does no eat and they both seep in different rooms. Later the hubby decides to forgive her saying he was not giving her time so she was driven to have a promiscuous relationship with the virile male.

Both begin to live happily ever after – yippee- what an understanding husband wow!- well, had it been a film, it would probably have ended here because all producers and directors are out to prove to the world that it is perfectly okay for a female to undress and jump on bed with anyone who catches her fancy…and why? Because the wicked males have been doing so since eons – so why not females? – Awesome logic… again. The film directors of course never like to show the life of chaste and strong personality men…because morality does not fetch money….it may fetch world peace…..but who is really bothered for universal peace anyways huh?

So back to the serial – after about a month or 2, when both hubby and wifey dear are behaving like loving cuckoos, the wife decides to give hubby a surprise. She takes him to a remote forest area and kills him….so that she could happily hump the virile male…yeah – she had not gotten over the better looking, younger and probably better performer on bed male!!

She then tries to mislead the cops but unfortunately, a deaf and mute person living in her locality told (actually wrote) the whole story to the cops! The cops arrest her along with her lover and they both go behind the bars!

Conclusion: You may forgive…but then ideally one should severe all relationship with the wrong doer. Hubby should have asked her to get lost with the virile lover….but he invited his death by forgiving the promiscuous female!


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