Demons marketed the witches pretty successfully!

Demons marketed the witches pretty successfully!

Demons marketed the witches pretty successfully!

So the demons marketed the witches as ‘modern, advanced, worship-able’ entities and propagated the fact that ‘more shameless a female, more sought after she ought to be – because she actually fulfils the desires of ‘sex-starved loser males’.


Qs. Define ‘shameless female’.

Ans. A female who displays her private parts in public, in front of a camera. Who readily dives on bed with anyone who catches her fancy.

Qs. So a female who dresses up indecently is a shameless female – is it?

Ans. And the one who sleeps around without any scruples.

Qs. And? Or ‘Or’?

Ans. And. Because it is quite possible that a female is pretty much decently dressed always…yet she dives on bed with anyone who catches her fancy.

Qs. SO that may also mean that both decently and indecently dressed females are witches?

Ans. Given the fact that she is humping around – yes – she is shameless.

Qs. If she is not ‘humping’ around, then she is not shameless?

Ans. If she is not humping around but she is indecently dressed – she is shameless… see you don’t display your private parts in public.

Qs. Why not? If she has no problems with showing off her vital stats, who are you to stop her?

Ans. I am no one to stop her. I am just saying that such females are called ‘shameless’.

Qs. It doesn’t matter to her – why should it bother you or anyone else?

Ans. It gives wrong ideas to sex-starved males….creeps who are libidinous…..even normal males may get disturbed to see such public displays ….

Qs. Still I don’t see why should a female not show her body if she so wishes…..where is the harm?

Ans. She will be eventually ostracised from the society….

Qs. Bullshit! Who will ostracize her?

Ans. Those wives whose husbands drool at her and readily spend money on her…those parents whose sons go haywire by being in the company of such shameless selfish females, those girls who never find a mate for themselves because majority of males start desiring bodily beauty and shamelessness, those children whose fathers leave them for a sexier female……all such people will come together one day and realize that such are the females who break families, break social norms…

Qs. What nonsense! Such a thing will never happen!

Ans. Fine then – hope for the best.

Qs. What did you mean by ‘sex-starved loser males’?

Ans. It is very self explanatory – lust is a vice that the lowly creatures suffer from – such males are basically losers……and unfortunately their family members also suffer.

Qs. What about ‘Sex starved loser females’ – are there any?

Ans. This topic is about them only – I have addressed them as witches in the statement you see – and demons – like intelligent money minded males – promote such shameless females to make money…extract money from the loser sex-starved males and this is how the cycle goes round and round!




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