Death of an actress – A short Story

Death of an actress – A short Story

Death of an actress

Mouli was born in a very poor family. Because she was the 6th daughter and her parents could not take care of her (they actually wanted a son), they gave her away to a distant relative who were not having any children in spite of being married for 6 years.

So at the age of 4, Mouli found herself in a better, much well off  family who gave her good healthy food to eat and for the first time she got many dresses for herself.

At the age of 5, her new parents admitted her in a local government school and life had taken a good turn for Mouli.  But her good fortune lasted for only 2 years …for the lady – Upasana –  who had adopted her became pregnant herself and within 3 years, gave birth to a daughter and later a son! Her happiness knew no bounds but then Mouli was becoming an eye sore to her. Firstly, she was having to feed her plus buy her clothes plus send her to school and to top it all – she often found her husband fondling 10 years old Mouli…..more than necessary! When she had questioned her husband – he had screamed at her saying that she needn’t be so worried about Mouli now that she had her own children. Upasana then discontinued Mouli’s education because it was costing her a lot and also because she did not want to leave Mouli alone with her husband –Gambhir – as he was the one who used to drop her to school and bring her back on his cycle.

Mouli then became the maid servant of their house – taking care of Upasana’s children , cooking, washing utensils, clothes in return of food. Things were going fine when one day Upasana found her husband in a compromising position with 14 years old Mouli! She screamed like a jackal and almost instantly half the village was at their door step! The villagers told Gambhir that it was wrong to which Gambhir replied that since he was feeding her and letting her stay in his house so it was his right to enjoy her body also! Upasana literally hit her husband with a broom 2 -3 times then later turned to Mouli and started beating her up mercilessly.

Upasana’s brother, Pratap, came to Mouli’s rescue. He was the driver of a struggling Director Promod Singh. He told them that he will take Mouli to Mumbai so that she can work as a maid at his master’s house. Everything happened in a hurry and within an hour, Mouli found herself in the train with Pratap.

When Pratap asked Mouli about her relationship with Gambhir, she said that he had been molesting her since she was about 8 years old – just after the birth of their son! Pratap told her that she could have told Upasana – to which she replied that Gambhir had threatened her that if she tells Upasana- he will send her away to that godforsaken village where she will have to beg for the rest of her life! Plus he gave her good snacks and chocolates to eat – including chicken and eggs without telling Upasana and she loved eating good food! She did not see any harm if Gambhir fondled her or made her do some dirty things – at least he was giving her good things in return – unlike Upasana – who used to make her do all the household chores and gave her nothing to eat!

Pratap then took her to his one bedroom chawl and lived with her like husband-wife. He told around that he had married Mouli and Mouli also said the same to others. Pratap then took her to Promod – his master, and said that she is interested in acting and films. Promod laughted at it first when Pratap asked her to dance a bit in front of Promod. She danced to the tune of some b-grade film song purposely bending down several times so that Promod can see her vital stats. All this sex-worker like nuances were taught to her by Pratap.

Pratap’s tutorial to Mouli hit the jackpot! Promod asked her to stay back at his house for couple of days as he will train her in acting and dancing.  Mouli had never such a big bungalow in her life! Promod was 45 years old – son of rich parents but himself was a loser who wanted to become a well known director but failed miserably at all attempts!

Promod and Mouli then made love and Mouli did everything to please him – she had decided to never leave this beautiful house ever! Promod did her grooming and photo session and trained her to do a small role in a film.

People liked her sexy voluptuous looks. Her next assignment was a lead role. It flopped miserably but still there was hope. In the meantime Promod started introducing her to big shots in the film industry and she gladly slept with all – she wanted money and riches – after all she was deprived of all this during her childhood! Film magazines called her names and even commented that the path she has chosen is all wrong as such quickies don’t make anyone a star and one needs talent and all that blah blah – but Mouli continued to grow steadily!

She met Samir, the heartthrob of millions at the sets of her next film shoot – she was there for a very small role – but she reached Samir’s bedroom in no time. All film magazines started talking about them and even said that they got married.

Suddenly Pratap – Promod’s driver got drunk one day and said that she was his wife – million copies of magazines were sold that week – giving an all new strategy to magazine editors and owners that they should hunt for more such scandal to sell more magazines!

Years went by and age was catching up – when she met a very famous film director who was famous for giving only blockbusters – Vikas Saxena! She made friends with him and soon became his concubine. After much controversy about whether Hindu religion would let a male have 2 wives at the same time – he divorced his wife for Mouli!

He had actually released 3 films that had flopped miserably – so he had asked her to sleep with some rich clients from abroad to help him pay his debts. She had agreed to sleep – did not matter to her at all – since she had been doing it since the age of 8 – but on one condition – he had to divorce his wife and marry her instead! Mouli knew that she was already in her late 30’s – if she doesn’t marry someone really rich and affluent – she might again find herself in some chawl in Mumbai! Vikas had to agree to her terms and he divorced his wife.

Often Vikas and Mouli used to go abroad and the film magazines started writing that Vikas and Mouli are going on their honeymoon and that Mouli does her shopping only from UK and gets her hair cut only done from the US…..although they all also knew that she was sleeping with rich and affluent clients so that Vikas could get rid of his debts!

Mouli gave birth to a son and there was more happiness in the family. She had to quickly come back to shape because obviously the clients would not pay for a bloated piece of meat! She did some cosmetic enhancements and was again back in business …of seeping around with rich clients of course…and occasional acting in art films.

Everything was fine – she was rich and famous…..when a fithy rich customer approached Vikas and asked him to send Mouli to him for an entire week. The sum he would pay for a week’s togetherness with Mouli was so exorbitantly high that Vikas did not have the heart to refuse him. One thing that was wrong with the customer was that he was too fat and bulky…and Mouli had a special allergy for fat and bloated male clients.

Vikas told her about the filthy rich client and apologized to her saying that he agreed without asking her but the male was rather fat and bulky. Mouli gave a look of coquettish annoyance but then agreed readily – she was about to faint when she heard the amount that was being talked about…in fact it gave her an energy boost … that in spite of being in her late 40s, there were males ready to pay her that much!!

The filthy rich client had filthy sex habits too…he was paying her so much so he made her do all sorts of things he had seen in porn films! He asked her to come and scrub his body while he was taking a bath in the bath tub. While she was massaging him he suddenly pulled her with the intention to have a quickie with her in the bath tub…..when he finished ‘doing the needful’ with her…he realized that she was not getting up. He shook her up and saw she was not responding! He realized that she had choked to death inside the water!

He immediately called her husband and told him to dispose off the body….before Vikas could say something, he told him that he is going to transfer double the amount in his bank account. Vikas was spell bound! He will have enough money to start a new venture – start a chain of restaurants where he will have strip tease dancers since dawn! He agreed to handle the situation.

The filthy rich client went home. And Vikas ‘cried out loud’ (COL) at his pretty wife’s sudden demise! Mouli had a very adventurous life indeed! Magazines and News channels got some news to float to we, the people …the dumb, the dumber & the dumbest people!


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