Dadak – The film left me speechless!- Kalyug Briefs Review

Dadak – The film left me speechless!- Kalyug Briefs Review

Dadak – The film left me speechless!

First half of the film was very typical ‘Karan Jauharish’ – romantic, boy pursuing girl, girl turning him down and eventually both meet, all misunderstandings dissolve and they marry to live happily ever after!

But this time Dharma Productions showed us a thing or two about the Dharma (religion) we, the people follow….and that left me speechless! Honestly in the later half the film suddenly turned into a mystery film – we were wondering what is hell is going to happen next! Usually Hindi movies are way to predictive…but not this one!

Since it is a recently released film, I do not want to reveal the end because I actually want you guys to go and watch the film…and introspect on the fact whether we have at all evolved from our earlyman days!!

Way too practical – this film huh!

Like in this film the lead actors face a financial crunch situation so the dress sense and living conditions actually matched their status. Because of dearth of money the heroine of the film is shown wearing simple cotton salwar kameez with zero makeup! Unlike in usual Hindi films – whatever be the situation – be it death of a loved one, just gotten up from bed – the heroine has war paint on her face!! And love is not all rosy and blah blah – yeah – people who think that Karan Jauhar has produced a surreal pinks and peaches film……are totally mistaken!

I will write the usual story narration after 2-3 weeks – right now – just go and watch the film!



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