Chameli – Film Review

Chameli – Film Review

Chameli – Film Review

Saw this movie in bits and pieces actually.

About a life of a Kamatipura (Maharashtra = Mahaan [great] hai jo Rastra) Prostitute played by Kareena seen in the above picture – the grand daughter of Raj Kapoor who was once famous in disrobing women in his younger days – for acting purposes ofcourse – not otherwise !.

She meets a guy , Rahul – educated, whose wife had died of an accident while she was pregnant, because of his carelessness and obstinacy of driving in a rainy night – in order to reach her to the hospital !- glimpses of his wife has also been shown in this movie – smart, educated, trendy to look at.

I did not see how they met – I saw from the scene where Rahul is sitting in the Police Station with kareena and the Inspector is talking to the master Pimp on the phone and hitting and bullying a puny pimp – who used to catch clients for kareena.

In the last scene, Rahul concludes “This is Life” – bygones are bygones one should not stop enjoying life – he goes to the Prostitute – who lights him his cigarettes ..indicating that soon they will jump on bed and she will lighten, brighten up his life .

SO here we can conclude that males are satisfied with very little – they just want to jump on bed and “FIll it, Shut It ..forget it” – but the wife and society create a lot of ruckus – going for child birth etc. and ties him down !! For the rest of his life he is made to remain loyal to one woman who after child birth usually becomes fat and bloated and even ugly to look at !!Now this is Blasphemy !! asking the poor hubby to be loyal to a fat , bloated peice of mass !!This is the same reason why we hear so many jokes against marriage and having a wife !!

But still women don’t learn !!They can’t seem to do without washing the nappies, panties of her child ..or even the undies of her husband – which , by the way, usually gets soiled because of viewing a fleshy / sexy/ scanty scene from some latest Follywood production/ music video/ advertisement as shown on the TV screen !Hail Indian Women …hail all women in fact…all over the World!!


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