Bisorjon – Film Review

Bisorjon – Film Review

This is a story that reveals the human mind – rather a woman’s mind – no a human mind actually.

Joya is a widow who lost her husband because he was a chain smoker and a drunkard. Instead of going back to her parents, she decided to stay back serving her aged father-in-law. As it happens with most young and beautiful widows, males of the locality try to take a chance by approaching them. But because the rich and influential man of the village – played by Kaushik – also had a major weakness for her, so no one else dared to approach her with dirty intentions.

Kaushik was so much smitten by her beauty and simplicity that he took utmost care of her needs and requirements! He had a helper who kept a 24/7 watch on her whereabouts and reported to Kaushik! Because she wore white sarees, he had kept away his colourful shirts and wore white all the time!! He was himself a bachelor and intended to marry Joya someday.

In comes a stranger in her life – Abir – who was a petty thief from India. He was young and good looking and his presence start to make Joya miss her husband! Although she tries to help him contact his relatives back in India – but deep within she wished he stayed with her! Abir could not move much as he had hurt his feet – but the fact that a man was staying with Joya would be scandalous. So she makes up a story that Abir was her distant brother who was a businessman in India.

Kaushik smells something fishy and even hints Joya that he knows that she is hiding facts. When Abir is somewhat healed, he asks for her help to make him escape and save him from the prying eyes of the border security force. Joya then approaches Kaushik and seeks his help and promises him that if he successfully helps Abir out of the border, she will marry him!

On the last night of their togetherness, Joya seduces Abir to have a physical relationship with her…as the very next day she was about to sacrifice her life and marry the aged and not-so-attractive-at-all – Kaushik!ABir is helpless and out of pity, he makes love to her. She asks him not turn around and look at her sacrificed self (after Bisorjon, the idol looks dilapidated and broken – and she had sacrificed her life just to save Abir).

So what does the story indicate?

About Kaushik :

  • He is rich & powerful.
  • He loves the lady madly.
  • He goes out of his way to help her always.
  • He wants to marry her.
  • A permanent resident

About Abir:

  • He is a petty thief.
  • He is already engaged to someone.
  • He pities her state (her widowhood and loneliness)
  • He is a temporary visitor.
  • He does not love her.

This lady opts for the petty foreigner thief and loathes the sight of the powerful rich man! Is it not a myth then…that women only go for riches? Or is it that ‘only looks matter’….a heart of gold – full of love – can go to hell!?

Later it is indicated that Joya gives birth to a baby boy who is actually Abir’s…….confirmed by a birth mark.

Basically what Karan Johar says blatantly in his film – ‘Only looks, looks, looks matter’ – Kaushik Ganguly said it subtly!

Nar-naari choritro motei  jotil noi…..tai na?


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