Background check is mandatory before tying the nuptial knot! – CP Episode

Background check is mandatory before tying the nuptial knot! – CP Episode

Background check should be mandatory before tying the nuptial knot! – CP Episode

A CP – Crime Patrol Episode shown on TV on 23rd Aug, 2018. I saw it yesterday i.e.

So in this episode a man loses his wife leaving a 5 years old daughter behind. His relatives urge him to get married again so that the daughter finds a mother and they can have a complete family. Couple of his relatives arrange for his marriage with a widow who also had a daughter from her first marriage.

The relatives of the widow hid the fact that she had been imprisoned for 6 months because her in-laws had suspected her involvement in the death – murder – of their son – her 1st husband i.e.! Well – such a big fact was hidden from the man….and that proved to be fatal for him!

They both get married and were living as man and wife – when suddenly a young tenant started to live with them….and the wife happily went ahead to have an affair with him. Hwile her husband went to office, she called him over and indulged in physical relatiionship. Her own daughter – who was a bit older – some 7 or 8 years old – reported this to her step-father – but he did not take it seriously. One day he himslef caught them in a compromising position….he immediately drove him out and slapped his wife couple of times…she asked for his forgiveness and promised that she will not repeat it again! She pretended to be happy with him….but she actually was not happy so she started to ill-treat his daughter. He found out that she was misbehaving and warned her too. She again asked for forgiveness……

But deep inside she was basically wicked and wanted to get rid of her husband and live with the younger (more virile) man instead……but since the younger man was not rich – so she decided to get his daughter kidnapped – extract money from her husband, then run away with the younger man! But her plan faied and as soon as her husband heard that his daughter is kidnaped, he went and reported to the police. Wife got scared and instructed her young lover to kill the daughter and run away from the scene!

But eventually they were caught and sent behind the bars! So basically for the lust of a wicked sex-starved female, a child lost her life!

SO this is what our world has come to! Dumb females actually are made to believe that because they are educated and are being brought up in a modern world – they have the freedom to ‘sleep’ around with any male who catches their fancy! Such dumb females and also males who remain closely associated with such dumb horny females actually believe, define and propagate the definition of freedom – esp. Female freedom – to be able to wear negligible dresses for all males to drool and ogle at and to be able to sleep around with anyone who catches their fancy! Unfortunately this is how several females have understood ‘Freedom’ as!! Also unfortunately…or maybe with some deep ulterior motives – females with zero scruples are also ruling all billboards, magazine covers, films, advts. and teleserials!! It has already been stated by our ancestors – Character is gone, everything is gone – so when everything is already GONE….what and why are we fighting with each other for! ?


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