A supposedly ‘Cultured’ grand-daughter found murdered in the store room – Saavdhan India

A supposedly ‘Cultured’ grand-daughter found murdered in the store room – Saavdhan India

A supposedly ‘Cultured’ grand-daughter found murdered in the store room – Saavdhan India

Here is a Saavdhan India (SI) episode- a story of a ‘cultured’ – Sanskari girl.

Here is a little about the ‘Sanskari’ Girl. Definition of Sanskari (Cultured) first: showing or having good taste, manners, upbringing, and education. By default it also means being truthful, honest, trustworthy….

SO this girl is about 18 years old and lives with her grandparents. Parents live in another city and since the college of the girl is in the city of her grandparents, she lives with them. People in her locality know her as a very ‘good’ girl – nice, respectful. She wears decent decorous dresses that covers her body respectfully. Her grannies  are very happy with her demeanour and are rather proud of it. They do not allow her any smart phone or dongle because they believe that Internet connection may make her waste her time chatting with friends.

The Grand-daughter:

She quietly accepts all the rules and regulations set for her by her grannies. She, after all, had a good house to live in – so she saw no point in arguing about getting the modern amenities like Internet connection etc. for herself. She had a simple phone that she used to contact her friends…..for the outside world…..

She actually had a smart phone given to her by her boyfriend.

She used to change her dress from salwar kameez to western-wear in the public toilet.

In the absence of her grannies on weekends, she used to go to night-clubs wearing party-wear too. Like she used to go out at late night hours so that the neighbours don’t see her in her new avatar!

In one scene she refuses to get intimate with her boyfriend because she said she was ‘sanskari’ and did not believe in physical relationship before marriage….but she believed in lying through her teeth and dress up like a tart, and attend late night parties. I agree that there is not much harm in attending parties with friends you know…but why lie at home? Convince them about your desire….anyways, maybe grannies would not have allowed her all that….so she resorted to lying to her family members and she paid for it too!!

A local market worker used to reach stuff to households and he was fond of her. One day he saw her change to a western wear and go on a mobike with a boy. He thought he should also take a chance. He holds her hand and confesses his love. He gets a tight slap. Then he begins to blackmail her that he will reveal her ‘Extreme Sankari lifestyle’ to her grannies. She kept quiet about his misbehaviour ….and that was her biggest mistake!

One night she was alone and ordered noodles from the local market. The same boy came to deliver and took revenge of the slap. He strangulated her to death and hid her in her own store room.

Grannies returned and found her missing. They reported to the police and they began the search…only to find her in thier own store room…..slowly everything was revealed…her western-wear, smartphone, late night parties……and the grannies realized that she was not sanskari after all but a liar!

The SI team then told the viewers that teenagers should be given full independence to wear micro minis and minis and attend late night parties/ discotheques, booze or even eff around and the parents should not stop them! This way we can save our future!! Wow – that was an intelligent conclusion!

So down with sanskars? Is it?


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