Zulfiqar – Bengali Film Review

Zulfiqar – Bengali Film Review

Zulfiqar – Bengali Film Review

The film seemed more like a typical Hindi film – jealousy, greed for power, lust for a pretty female, fooling the ignorant, the cops are as usual licking the feet of the moneyed BEEP – did not matter how the wealthy underworld don made money….so clichéd!

Or is it that history repeats itself…again and again and yet again! Males don’t learn really – they tend to remain ‘sincerely Dumb, ever after!’

Since time immemorial it has been observed that males have a major weakness for a pretty face …a voluptuous woman…who, of course has to be available as well! Like there are many women who are very pretty – even beautiful to look at – but only those who are readily available also – are the ones who live on the lap of luxury! Males pamper them with gifts and goodies…yea- maleS…many males become her exchange of sexual services of course. No wonder why females are taking to prostitution so boldly at broad daylight – like during yesterera, females who indulged in ‘sleeping around’ not for money or earning a livelihood – but for sheer fun and adventure of exploring different males…and their performances on bed – did it cautiously so that no one knows of her escapades but nowadays, such females promote about their availability with phone number and address on social networks….with their semi-nude pictures too! Wow! We have advanced so so so very much…towards decadence of course!

So in this film we see Zulfikar (Ceasar)  has a mad wife – and he has a ‘kept’ who was a widow. Whether the wife went mad because of his promiscuous nature has not been shown here though. This ‘kept’ was in love with a more virile male – Mark Anthony…probably because his performance on bed was better than aged Ceasar! She could not turn down the aged beep’s advances (for coitus) because he was ruling the area she lived in and had lots of money too!


There were others who used to follow him (Ceasar) and support him but later when they saw that he was becoming really powerful, they thought of killing him. So the same males who butter your feet are the ones who will make you slip and ‘have a great fall’ too! More or less the same thing happened to Mother India too…couple of people approached her shores to sell spices and color dyes and took over completely – shows the administrative structure formed by corrupt, confused, loser, greedy, lustful dumb….males!

So I guess whatever happens, happens for good! When the higher realms see that people are becoming idiotically dumb, corrupt and not progressing positively…they create such instances and dramas so that people get a kick sensation on their butts and wake up to introspect!


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