What if criminals were not punished and sinners went scot-free?

What if criminals were not punished and sinners went scot-free?

What if criminals were not punished and sinners went scot-free?

If criminals are not punished, everyone will turn into a criminal over a period of time – some, because of their basic criminal instinct (being born in a family of criminals)  and others for self defence – trying to save themselves from criminals, they will also start killing & hurting those who think are potential enemies! This is the reason why we have the Police Force at our service, who catch criminals and punish them. In fact it is because of this fear of the cops that many don’t venture into becoming a criminal – fear of getting beaten, fear of being ostracized by the community, fear of insult etc.

Similarly folks, sinners are punished life after life. If sinners do not suffer, everyone will begin to sin after observing the good and happy life of a sinner! If there is no punishment for the soul for sinning against the Creator – meaning for cheating, swindling, murdering, looting etc. people – then the souls will be taken over by the devil and there will be no justice, peace, love or happiness in the world where we exist! In fact we have been through such phases – we call this period as Dark ages!!

Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, vengeance – all such emotions open the gates of Hell for us. We walk straight into the arms of the devil once we give in to such vices.

They say that both Hell and Heaven is right here on earth. Yes, but it is just the tip of the iceberg! We get to see absolutly deplorable living conditions of slum dwellers and beggars and we also get to see the lavish lifestyles of the rich! This is just the hint for the soul to understand what hell or heaven may be like. And then he is given the Free Will – to work out his way to either hell or heaven!

Although not everyone who is rich is rich by honest means nor is everyone who is rich is dishonest! Only riches can’t fetch you happiness. Love is mandatory for existence.

Filthy rich but unloved reaches one to the asylum.
Very poor but loved does not understand that love.
Very poor and unloved – Hell.
Neither very rich, nor very poor – but unloved – no happiness there.
Average lifestyle and loved – more or less an ideal situation!

The above are just few random permutations and combination of existence  on planet earth. As knowledgeable human beings we should strive to  strike a balance. For that the human priorities need a paradigm shift…only then we can work out a solution!


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