Love came, saw, left – A short love story

Love came, saw, left – A short love story

Love came, saw, left – A short love story

Meera and Anand were married for 6 months now. They had an arranged marriage and were adjusting pretty well. Meera had been working at a bank but had left her job when she married. She had shifted in with Anand after marriage and had applied for bank jobs in his city. She was a great cook and she enjoyed trying out new dishes and recipes.

As Anand was getting ready for the office, he could smell something very tasty from the kitchen. He guessed that Meera must have learnt some new recipe from youtube and was trying that out!

Anand: Be ready huh….

Meera: For what? (said Meera as she laid the breakfast table)

Anand: Soon I will have to change my wardrobe na – I wear Medium sized shirts now…soon I will have to buy Large sized baby!

Meera: Don’t worry about that, I use very less oil and it is home cooked food – and you are eating now, it is 8 am, next you will eat at 1pm…by that time everything will be digested sweetheart!

Anand: Oh! I forgot to tell, can you put in some extra…a lot extra in fact of whatever you make in my lunch pack please? I hardly get to eat anything – my colleagues just pounce on my lunch box before I even open it!

Meera smiled and added some extra of the special poha she had made with dry fruits.

Anand had already become very fond of Meera. He was quite a flirt and had many a flings and live-in partners before marriage. When Anand came to know that Meera was a virgin, he just couldn’t believe his ears!

During their honeymoon in Simla, Anand had shared all about his past with Meera. Meera was slightly disturbed but then she made him promise her that he will end all his flings/ affairs/ one-night stands – now that he was married to her! Anand was amused with the proposal but he said ‘Yes’ to her in order to avoid a sulky face of his new bride! Anand was quite an incorrigible flirt and was wondering whether he could keep his word!

Annad left for office and Meera started her usual daily regimen. She finished cooking and was getting ready for the gym. As she was tying her shoe lace, he felt dizzy – so she decided to skip the gym and rest awhile.  She then suddenly remembered that her chums date was long overdue …so she decided to call her mother.

She spoke to her mother for some time and her mother suggested that she should come and get a thorough check-up done with their family doctor. Meera agreed and decided to visit her mother for couple of days. Her parent’s house was just a 2 hours journey by road.

Anand returned and Meera told him that she wanted to visit her parents. She skipped the ‘missing her chums’ clause…for she wanted to surprise him!

Anand: Ok, but when will you return?

Meera: Let me go first, then I will let you know.

Anand: But how long will I have to stay without you?

Meera smiled and understood that he had gotten used to her pampering! From the morning cup of coffee to ironing his dress to keep ready his socks, hanky – every little detail was taken care of by Meera! Plus of course the sumptuous breakfast and lunch box! She knew he was going to miss all this!

Anand was waiting for her to reply and Meera kept smiling.

Anand: Please come soon honey – you know I can’t move an inch now without you…you have completely spoiled me!

Meera: I will surely come in 4 days – don’t worry!

Anand: 4 days?! What on earth will you do for 4 days! Tomorrow morning you can leave with me, I will drop you at the car hire junction, you will reach home by 11 am, spend the day…then come back next morning!

Meera: Oof, I will try and come early baba! Okay!?

Anand dropped her at the taxi stand and left for his office.

Meera reached home and fixed up her appointment with their family doctor for the very next day.

Anand came home in the evening and happened to meet Priya, an Air hostess, who lived in the same building complex.

Priya and Anand had been in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. They used to have sex whenever the other one was without a partner or had a cancelled date!

Priya: Hey…you seem to have put on weight!

Anand: really ! nooo….is it evident already!?

Priya – Well, you never had a double chin dear – now I can see it!

Anand: Shit! I have to rejoin the gym! I can’t put on weight – I hate being obese!

Priya: You are not obese yet – oof, don’t be paranoid! I just said your double chin is slightly developing – that’s all!

Anand: This is what happens when your wife is a good cook!

Priya:Really? Meera cooks well huh?

Anand: Too good – she should have been a chef in some 5 star hotel!

Priya: So wicked you are…you never invited me for tasting Meera’s culinary skills!

Anand: Sure I will, you can hop in any time.

Priya: Really! How about tonight then? I have taken 2 days off and I am totally free tonight!

Anand: Well not tonight dear – Meera has gone visiting her parents! She will return after 2 days.

Priya: Oh, so you are alone – let’s have dinner together then.

Anand: umm…but Meera has kept the dinner in the refrigerator. She gave me instructions to warm up and…

Priya: oof! Have it tomorrow! Or is she monitoring you through cctv!?

Anand: Of course not! Are you crazy! (he chuckled)

Anand and Priya went for dinner at a nearby restaurant. Since Meera was not there, Priya suggested to have coffee with Anand at his apartment. They chatted for some time then decided to have sex. Anand and Priya were very wild at making love. They made wild love all night!

Next morning, Priya put on her clothes and left Anand’s apartment. Some couples saw her going out of Anand’s apartment with raised eyebrows!

His next door neighbour, Mr. & Mrs. Nath also saw Priya leaving.

Mr. Nath: See some personalities are like a dog’s tail….they can never straighten – however hard you try!

Mrs. Nath : Poor Meera, she seems to be a very nice girl! Always asking me for some new recipe to surprise Anand…and look at this pig – his wife has just gone for 2-3 days and he has invited the wh*re of the building!

Anand got ready and left for his office.

Priya called up Anand and told him about how the Nath couple were viewing her with sheer disdain.

Anand: Forget about them Priya – they are middle aged couple…probably Mr. Nath yearns for your sexy body but is stuck with that fatso for life…such people will always disapprove young couple with a healthy sex life!

Priya: Meera is coming tomorrow evening na?

Anand: Day after tomorrow I think…why what do you have on mind babe?

Priya: I am going to come again to your apartment in a sexy skimpy evening dress – and I will see to it that the bloody Nath couple see me in that dress before I enter your house! (Priya was fuming with anger)

Anand: Chill babe….Nath couple are like those typical backdated regressive idiots who like to meddle their nose in every one else’s business! Anyway….their intervention in our ‘Quickie Story’ is most welcome… least I will get a chance to see you in your sexy skimpy outfit!! I am so looking forward to it…..

Priya: hmmm…I am going to my friend’s lunch party….so I will reach your apartment at around 9pm. See you then. Bye.

Anand: Ok, see you!

Priya came at 10pm and as luck would have it, the Nath couple were also entering their house when they saw a drunken Priya in the tiniest of outfits! Priya loved the shocked look on their faces!

Anand opened the door and Priya purposely fell on him – so that both Mr. and Mrs. Nath see them in a romantically locked up posture.

Anand was a bit perturbed up on seeing the Nath couple looking at them and he quickly closed the door.

Anand: What the hell was that? Why did you have to fall on me like that – don’t over do things Priya!

Priya: Why? Are you afraid!? Do you think they will report to Meera!?

Anand: I am not saying that – but you should not have made it so evident – and Meera often visits them – who knows – they may tell her about us!

Priya: Why? You think Meera is so naïve….she does not know about how horny her husband is!?

Anand: Come on Priya – no wife can tolerate infidelity…you are a woman too – what would you have done had you found your husband two timing you!?

Priya: I would have introduced him to couple of more sexy sirens so that he could 5 time me! Seriously Anand….don’t talk like some uncouth village rustic! Loyalty and all that blah blah…such dialogues are only ok on silver screen – you know as well as I do that there is nothing as chaste or pure relations….if someone tells you there is – he or she is completely lying!

Anand: Know what Priya….I think you should leave – you are drunk and tired – go to your apartment and get some sleep!

Priya: Ok ok – I am sorry – at least fix me a lemonade – I need it badly!…with lots of ice.

Saying this Priya plonked herself on the sofa.

Anand made her a lemonade and as she drank…she successfully seduced Anand to let her sleep with him on his and Meera’s bed!


In the meanwhile Meera had got the Urine test results – it was positive – she was pregnant! Meera left her house at 6am so that she could meet Anand and give him the surprise before he leaves for office….little did she know that it was her turn to be surprised!

It was 8:15am when Meera entered her apartment with the duplicate key. Their room was open and both Anand and Priya were lying on bed – stark naked. Meera froze. She quietly sat down on the dining chair. As she moved the chair, Anand woke up and came to the dining room. His worst fears came true. He had no words to say.

He just shook up Priya and asked her to leave immediately. Priya woke up all groggy and asked him what was the hurry.

Anand (almost screaming): Just GET OUT please – NOW. (he gestured about Meera’s arrival)

Priya wore her skimpy sexy outfit and slowly walked out of the door……Meera saw her leave – she also saw what she was wearing and she felt like puking at both Anand and Priya!

Anand tried to converse with Meera.

Anand: You came early……

Meera: Yea…sorry I should have informed!

Anand: Listen – please forgive me…I give you my word – this won’t happen again – I am sorry!

Meera: Its okay, you must be getting late for the office….

Saying this Meera got up to go towards the kitchen.

Anand felt a bit jittery but later took his bath and got ready for office.

As he came to the living room, he saw Meera sipping coffee. He looked towards the dining table – thinking that she must have made coffee and fixed some quick breakfast for him – but there was nothing on the table – not even a cup of coffee.

Anand: You could make some coffee for me too……

Meera did not respond and kept surfing her smart phone.

Anand left for his office.

As he left, Meera got up and went inside her room. She took out her 2 big suitcases and immediately started packing up her things. She could not live with this debauch. He would never mend his ways – this she understood clearly. And she could not waste her life with some debauch…nor would she waste her time and energy to raise a debauch’s child!

So while Anand was taking a bath, Meera had already called up her ex-office and informed them that she could join with immediate effect if they had any vacancy. She called up her mother and told her that she was coming back and will be home by 3 or 4 pm – depending on the time she takes to pack up her things. Her mother was shocked but respected her decision. They had brought her up with too many values and now they could not ask her to continue living with a depraved male!

In fact Meera had told her mother about Anand’s previous ‘lust & sex’ affairs and her mother was very upset with the facts! She had asked Meera to leave him if she wanted but Meera was confident that her LOVE will win his heart and he would never do anything to hurt her……and as things were taking shape – Meera had become quite confident about her pampering and Anand’s love! But alas – she was wrong….all her illusions broke – and she decided to quit loving Anand!

Anand, in the meanwhile, told couple of his very close friends about the morning mishap. His friends asked him to chill and suggested him to take home some flowers and then take her somewhere for dinner and everything will fall in place.

Anand returned home and rang the bell. No one opened the door. He took out the keys from his laptop bag and opened his apartment. It was pitch dark inside. He put on the lights and went to his room. He saw the empty cupboards wide open – indicating that she had left him for good!

He started calling her frantically. She picked up his call and told him that she wanted to separate from him.

Anand: Meera –please give me one chance – just one more chance – this much you can surely give me! Please.

Meera: It’s all over Anand – I saw you both stark naked on our bed – I can never take out that image from my mind – ever! I believe in only love – now if I stay with you – it will be out of compromise….I can’t tolerate debauch natures. I tried my best to love you and give you all my love- but that I guess is not enough for you…..

Anand: Meera – this is not the first time that some wife has caught her husband in a compromising position with someone else…….we can discuss things out and arrive at a solution…

Meera: Sorry Anand – I am not like that hoppy-skippy-jumpy kind of female that your friend Priya is like! Had I been the ‘sleeping around’ kind of a female – I would have ignored what I saw in the morning and continued living happily ever after with you – but this is not the case! Best thing for both of us would be to forget all about each other – goodbye.

Anand: May I come tomorrow to your house – please….I

Meera: Tomorrow I have already taken an appointment with the gynaecologist – I am going to abort our child by the way…….I had come early to surprise you …but I was surprised instead.

Anand: Abort !? Why on earth? How can you – you need my permission also – and why would you abort…..I…

Meera: Shut up Anand – I don’t think you are listening to what I am saying – I refuse to raise your child – you are a depraved man – I am not going to take forward your progeny – do you understand? Now please don’t bother to call me up – an advocate is already preparing the divorce papers – you will be receiving them shortly. Goodbye.

Anand was too shocked to respond. He called up his close friends and got drunk. His friends were shocked to hear the things Meera told him.

Nikhil (Anand’s friend) – See – this is what education has done to women – how dare they take decisions like this…you can sue her you know Anand…..what a bitch! What audacity!

Arvind (Another friend) – Shut up Nikhil – Anand is to be blamed for what happened to him….if you had to fu*k Priya, you could have taken her to some cheap motel…who takes a who*e to bedroom after being married…you are no more a bachelor! That was the dumbest move you made Anand!

Anand: So what do I do now – what is the solution!?

Arvind: Knowing her…I don’t think she will return Anand – approaching her will mean more insult…can you take it?

Anand: No…..I can’t…she was so rude…I have never seen this form of hers…

Nikhil: hahaha – welcome to the world of conniving bit*hes! They are like chameleon – they change colors in a jiffy!!

Arvind: Nihkil – I think you are drunk – which wife will tolerate her bed being shared with some wh*re?

Nikhil: What do you mean ‘her bed’ – did she get it from her house? Anand already had that bed before he got married…

Anand – Nikhil Please SHUT UP will you – you are daft without brains – have the free alcohol and get lost – just keep shut!

Nikhil filled up his glass and quietly sipped whisky. He was a wife beater himself but because his wife was not much educated so she was tolerating Nikhil silently. Nikhil also used to sleep with the young live-in maid servant in his house and his wife knew all about it…thus Nikhil was unable to understand why Arvind and Anand were abusing and screaming at him! Such a scenario was perfectly normal in his house!

They got drunk till midnight and then they parted. Anand returned to his empty home – a ‘no more Meera’ home, no more bed tea, no more breakfast, no more lunch box, no more pampering… more love! Anand realized that he had driven out the love he had got by sheer stroke of good luck! He lamented!

Everyone came to know in his building complex – the Naths had a knowing smile. His colleagues gossiped behind his back…

They said  ‘yea….she was too good for him – for a shameless debauch playboy that Anand is – it’s good that Meera saw his true colors soon and left him! Such cheap men don’t deserve such chaste & pure love! He should marry one of the hookers – only some hooker girl can be a good wife to him!’….they all had a hearty laugh!


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