Jab Harry Met Sejal – Film Review

Jab Harry Met Sejal – Film Review

Jab Harry Met Sejal

A diamond merchant’s daughter weds a Punjab da farmer.

I will come straight to the point….as I always do.

About the farmer played by SRK:

A farmer’s son who lived in quite a dilapidated –  about to breakdown building-  in a remote village of Punjab.

By being influenced by rock singers – hearing songs on radio or watching TV – whatever – SRK i.e. Harry decides to run away abroad to try his luck in the singing field.

He does not run to any Indian metropolitan city huh – like Mumbai for example – but runs to Europe…like making Visa, buying tickets …you need time and money – he had both – whether he stole money from his father’s cupboard or sold off one of his family tractors….is not shown in the film.

He fails in his attempt to become a singer ! Ah! Thank Devil for small mercies…or else we would have had another singer singing scandalous lewd songs and tarnishing the face of Mother India..well may be – but the kind of lifestyle he was leading in the foreign land like living-in, I highly doubt that he would have sung Sufi songs…get my point?!

He joined as a travel and tour guide…a job that he hated immensely but had to do for survival!

He missed his village and family back in the village ...but could not go back…did not want to go back…you see once you get the taste of fair and pretty game girls ready to live-in and entertain the male by going to any length…a male would seldom want to leave such groovy place! So he occasionally wept but then became alright in the night club with couple of drinks and a party pick up girl.

Summarising Harry Putarr :: A drunkard, womaniser, melancholic, dissatisfied, running away from ex-girlfriend of Frankfurt , tour guide.

About Sejal

Daughter of a diamond merchant who had come with family on a 1 month Europe tour. Europe tour is the most expensive of all tours.

Like the cheapest available Europe tour per head comes to 1 lakh per head. And they were about 15 to 20 of them – which means 20 lakhs blown on vacation! Rich people after all!

She had gotten engaged to an equally rich fellow arranged by her parents and they had an engagement in a small restaurant in Europe! Supposed to be a Romantic engagement! But the restaurant that was shown looked pretty small and shabby for a diamond merchant’s daughter’s engagement party!

On the day of their departure, Sejal cancels her ticket and comes back running to tour Guide Harry because she had lost the engagement ring in the Hotel. Because it was a family ring, her fiancé got enraged and was upset about her clumsiness…this attitude of his made her decide to stay back  in Europe and search for her ring!!

She approaches Harry and tells him that she will pay him to be with her.

Very reluctantly (murmuring/ abusing under his breath) Harry decided to help her search for her ring.

He tried every way to turn her off so that she goes back but fails.

One Such Scene:

Harry knocks at her door at night and she opens the door in her tees and very short pant…hot pants as they call…usually ladies put on their dressing gowns before opening the door to a male. (hmmm..I have heard real life scandalous stories of filthy rich family they cultivate physical relationship with their gatekeepers, cooks, drivers etc…..upon seeing this character I can understand that there must be some truth in this sick rumour )


He tells her that he is a womanizer, cheap and addicted to pick-up girls but to his surprise she was more excited to listen to all this!!

She started to wear flimsy dresses and tried to behave like strip tease pole dancer just so that he calls her sexy! But he called her a pure porcelain beauty who is just to be admired from a distance….she did not quite like the compliment and wanted to be branded as a rather raunchy cheap sex worker of the street!

So this is how Sejal developed fondness of the melancholic womaniser and Harry developed fondness for the dumb female who could very well fit into the role of a dumb wife always ready to please hubby…after all Harry belonged to an Indian village remember – they are used to seeing subservient females getting beaten by their husbands yet licking their feet at the end of the day…unlike his Frankfurt girlfriend who had kicked him out of her house as he was trying to act fresh with her!…Maybe this was one the reasons why Harry cried silently – he was used to seeing subservient females all his life and here he was kicked around by females!


There was another scene where Harry’s ex girlfriend came charging at him and Sejal  intervened and solved the problem in a second! Her logic was that – if he slept with her and enjoyed, even she slept with him and enjoyed – so when both enjoyed, where is the case? Now one of them had gotten bored of the other and had every right to leave her…she could not bound him!! WOW! We actually don’t need divorce lawyers anymore huh!

Last Scene: Sejal falls in love with Harry. Harry comes back to India and starts tilling his khets (fields). They get married. There is no objection from the diamond merchant as to why his daughter wants to marry a farmer with a dilapidated house in a remote village of Punjab! They respected their daughter’s choice. Happy ending.

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