Ittefaq review – By Kalyug Briefs

Ittefaq review – By Kalyug Briefs

Ittefaq review – By Kalyug Briefs

Infidelity may not be a punishable crime by the law and order of this world….but nature will make sure that infidelity is severely reprimanded!

Folks, this film is a murder mystery – I cannot write the review or even divulge the end. That would be wrong on my part…plus I am an Indian after all…we are basically gareeb….. poor people – yeah – I believe 60% of India exists below poverty line…meaning we are basically paupers…so when some people – Bollywood here – are trying to make money and give salary to several people in their pay roll….I cannot suddenly ruin their chances of making money by revealing the end.

But I can say this much folks – this film better have a second part too….for it is showing the Indian Police Department in a very bad light…… if the department is full of mediocre, lackadaisical people who lack eye for detail!

After 2 months or so, I may elaborate the film story – the way I do it …but not now!


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