Fukrey – A Review

Fukrey – A Review

Fukrey – A Review

Wait to win a lottery & get sorted for life!?

Sad to view the dreams & expectations of the academically below average youths about  – life, college, girls (& boys in case of young girls)! Well the story is about losers and alarmingly these very  ‘below average brained’ losers eventually win some blasted lottery…and make lots of money…only to waste it – after all they were basically losers and clueless about the higher philosophies of life or how money can be effectively used to bring up the nation…..forget nation – even to do something worthwhile for their own selves..was unknown to them!

Anyways it’s a film about the following characters –

A dumb dreamer – who takes an instant liking for an aged crude Madame (provider of Prostiutes & seller of drugs among young rich wasteful students/ youths )

A dream interpreter with an eerie sense of correct dream analysis skills

A shaky singer; lacking confidence – son of a butcher – with a steady girlfriend

• A confused surd son of a sweet shop owner....whose father was a regular brothel visitor (as the Madame says ‘ Bille ka pilla’ – meaning the pup of Billa (his father’s name) – so obviously the son turns out to be a dumb duffer – after all his source was a wh*re monger…how can such a personality be intelligent!?

A police officer whose reporting head was the crude Madame …and not Bharat Sarkar that was paying him his monthly salary on time every month

A gate keeper of a college who used to leak the question papers and sell it to students (merit-less students who could never get admission in the college ie.)

A petty thief with hoards of money….

So the losers come together at one point and decide to make quick money. The Madame (Head of Prostitutes) abuses everyone – police, politician…just everyone – she was shown to possess the strongest personality btw. – unafraid of anything and everything! Well – as it is she was a Woman (shakti)…with several other nymphy females at her beck and call…and a DB full of rich and highly placed male clients…so what should she be afraid of huh?!…point to ponder Melords…..

Well at the end they make money and get the Madame behind the bars….from where she would quickly get released….after all she used to provide the all-important ‘khuraq’ (food for existence) to the frustrated slimy highly placed pig officials..

Sad to see this side of Mother India!


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