Film Piku Review – How it lost it’s essence!?

Film Piku Review – How it lost it’s essence!?

Film Piku Review – How it lost it’s essence!?

A beautiful father daughter relationship.

Spinster daughter taking care of her aged father.

So far, so good.

There are many such single ladies in Bengal (rather India…even worldwide) who take care of their aged parents.

But 2 scenes ruined the purity & essence of the film!

  1. When Piku tells her aunt that she is having regular sex because she has her needs.
  2. Her father tells a suitor – they met at a party – that his daughter is not a virgin – so would he still like to marry her!

Why does Bollywood want to prove that we, the people are – of sex, for sex and by sex! Why give so much importance to a yet another nature’s call? We all know that sex is part and parcel of human life – and we all also know that reckless or arbitrary sex is harmful for self and others too. In spite of this knowledge, Bollywood tries to ‘push’ sex into everything! It is not required at all. Sex out of wedlock is risky & condemned by majority worldwide.

Who are you getting physically intimate with? If you have no intensions of marrying the person – then why ruin his or her chastity? Why are you yourself agreeing to become a sex & entertainment object for others?

Reality shows like Saavdhaan India, Crime Patrol, Emotional Atyachaar, ID (Investigation Discovery) show clearly how people are used and thrown & how lives get wasted because of wrong choices and decisions!



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