Dangal Film Review

Dangal Film Review

Dangal Film Review

Rules and regulations can bend if income is assured!

Wrestling dates back to mythology times – Krishna, Balaram,  Bhima, Jarasand….all were adepts in wrestling. It is essentially a MAN sport. Initially – ancient times, it was used to defeat the enemy but later it just turned into an entertaining sport.

Men – because they are physically strong – as during puberty their muscles develop in a way to make them physically stronger – whereas the females develop breasts and womb for the most important responsibility she has been blessed with – bringing forth ‘new life’ on planet earth.

But we all know the scenario of our world! Women are treated as muck and there are villages…even towns and cities in our world that considers the birth of a female child as a curse! Female foeticide is rampant in villages and uncouth rustics run from pillar to post – to witchcraft and tantra-mantra just to have a son!

The film shows many aspects of our nation that is as follows:

There are still people in India who believe that there are miracle drugs and totkas to give birth to a son! Indians are still son-crazy…no matter how many women have already proved their strength – both physical, mental and emotional…the fact that they  can also earn and financially support the family…yet – in spite of all this, Indians are son-crazy.

Rules, norms etc. – everything can change if money is involved! – When Aamir approaches with his daughters to fight Dangal with males, he was rejected immediately but an intelligent marketing brain (not from Oxford or Cambridge or some other big foreign university teaching MBA) intervenes and convinces the authorities that a female participant fighting Dangal with males will fetch them money..lots and lots and lots of it! He was right – the show was houseful! There was a comment in the film – Even if we had arranged for a tiger fight with male human, we would not have got so many viewers!

Hard work and complete dedication with 100% discipline may fetch you desired results. Usually it is the father figure who can cultivate such traits in his children Mothers are usually soft hearted and affectionate and are unable to be strict with her children! Basically the introduction of discipline and sense of responsibility factor comes mostly from fathers…so if the father of the family is a weakling, the children usually go haywire. (ps. This is mostly so in villages where women of the house are illiterates and are trained since childhood that they are born to cook, serve husband (whoever, however he is) and produce children – preferably sons!)



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