Bibaho Dairies – Review By Kalyug Briefs

Bibaho Dairies – Review By Kalyug Briefs

Bibaho Dairies

Must See film – Hilarious!

Ritwik has played the role of a true blue Bengali man for whom the bong girls go all crazy for!

Ritwick is a creative man who aspires to have his own theatre gtoup. But his creativity is hardly noticed by people! Yet he continues to struggle to set up his own theatre.

In comes Sohini – a bit of a confused girl looking for a suitable match. Ritwick helps her to attract the man she had met online! While teaching her the ways of the world and the means to enter the heart of a man…they fall in love with each other!

Typical mundane happenings have been shown to occur but jovial Ritwick settles down everything like a breeze! Sohini tries to cook good food for him and he also takes up a job to satisfy the worldly needs!

Ritwick has been shown to possess mostly all those qualities that women basically seek in a man!

  • He is chaste – he rejects the advances of a party pick-up girl without insulting her…but in a very suave manner!
  • He helps his friend (initially)- Sohini (later wife)– and directs her in his own sweet way to lure the man of her dreams towards herself.
  • He is honest – as much as can be in this ghor kalyug!
  • He is least pretentious! He is what he is – does not try to copy someone else to impress people!

Overall a must see film!




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