Badrinath ki Dulhaniya – Film Review

Badrinath ki Dulhaniya – Film Review

Badrinath ki Dulhaniya

Light,fun filled & entertaining film. Definitely watchable once.

About Badri and his bride!

Youngest son of a Bizman. Father believes in age old superstitions and traditions like dowry, male child, non-working daughter-in-law etc.

Elder son suffers badly for this father’s behaviour…he was in love with a girl but was forced to marry someone else who was his father’s choice…not necessarily because she was better but more because her father gave more dowry. Somehow he compromises with the new wife…drowned himself in alcohol. His wife was highly educated but she was not allowed to work. Slowly and gradually, the husband recognises her talents and takes her advice and ideas for business deals….without the knowledge of his egoistic father of course….such males cannot imagine that a woman is capable of giving financial advice to men!

Badri falls in love with Vaidehi who he meets at a marriage party. Vaidehi had been duped in love earlier by a suave criminal – who showed her dreams of owning a showroom and working as biz partners as well! She takes money from her father..and the man runs away with all the money.

Heartbroken and jilted, she decides to work and make money. But proposal from Badri’s family jeopardises her plans to be an independent working woman. But she also wanted her elder sister to get married. So she uses Badri to get her sister married…and on the day of her wedding she runs away to Mumbai for Airhostess training and later to Singapore.

Badri is both angry and heartbroken. He traces her down and reaches Singapore. Circumstances happen in ways that Vaidehi actually falls in love with Badri. At the end, they both get married.

Problems in Indian  villages..towns and even cities:

What is seen in the film is that the males are less educated and intelligent than the women! Both the wives – the elder one’s wife was highly educated but her husband was simpler … it was she who took the business forward.

Even in case of Badri, Vaidehi was more educated, could speak good English and even worked abroad! real life, such marriages seldom are successful! Honestly speaking, it is a woman nature to seek a husband who is higher in position and intelligence than her. That is how a relationship clicks! The man of the house should be highly respected in the family. Now if the wife is more educated and intelligent…she will be more dominating and demand more respect from her children. Such family children often grow up to be confused rebels.

In the animal kingdom also – if you have noticed in Animal Planet etc. – how the lions have to fight and prove to the lionesses about his fighting skills before she lets him copulate with her…and have cubs through him. See…this is animal nature…and we are after all rational animals….such things are bound to affect us somehow or the other.

I am not saying that dumb males should not marry – of course they should…but they should look for dumber females to marry and live happily ever after with. I have personally seen such cases where – even a wee bit dumber male husband can make the life of an intelligent woman worse than hell! You see – most males survive to feed their egos…they thrive on ego in fact…now if by chance he gets married to an intelligent woman…his ego crashes ..which he cannot tolerate! Thus such marriages end in divorce courts!…and children from such families suffer unnecessarily!

No no – education has nothing to do with being dumb or intelligent….it is presence of mind, wit to cope up with worldly affairs.


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