Women have come a long way and they will continue doing so!

Women have come a long way and they will continue doing so!

Women have come a long way and they will continue doing so!

Earlier (much earlier) males did not let women come out much and were averse to educating them too because of obvious reasons! They knew of the ‘divide & rule’ game they were playing with women. As wife and mother, they will cook and raise children and as ‘courtesan’ & concubines, they will entertain them for sensual pleasures!

But the clever strategies of males started to fail rapidly when slowly & gradually girl child education got introduced and women started to go out and mix around and understand life more closely!

Initially they depended on males to come back home and narrate them stories of the big bad world outside and the fact that they are their sole protectors and that they should never step out of the house lest the hungry sex-starved wolves will catch and devour them! What they did not divulge was the fact that those very males of the house used to pounce on other women as hungry wolves once outside the house – as brothel visitors, eve-teasers, rapists!!

When women started to go to schools and colleges and started to work in offices, they came to know how easy it was to work and earn money and be financially independent that actually makes one respectable. Well – even if he or she is not so respectable – still because of money, they could buy respect from the poverty stricken / greedy crowd.

The Revenge was inevitable

So when women, who once lived behind closed doors, exploited by the elderly & corrupt  members of the family – both in-laws or even own parents – got a chance to break free – they broke all rules and regulations and just barged ahead blindly full of vengeance! They were after all exploited for thousands of years – Is it so easy to forget and forgive? Imagine being set ablaze as Sati and even when widow remarriage was allowed, they were still used by the aged, pot bellied pervert males! (refer. Deepa Mehta’s OSCAR-nominated film WATER)

Young girl married off to an aged man who is about to kick the bucket – just so that he dies and the villagers can burn her to death (Sati Pratha) and then hunt out the melted gold from her jewellery – sell it for few days of festivity (feast, boozing and enjoying)!

Antarjali Yatra – Bengali film clip:


With awareness comes adventurous nature

But obvious! The males who had been dominating for eons and exploiting women because they were physically a weaker gender (more weak because the girl child was not fed as nutritionally/ healthy as their brothers – sons took the upper hand as the superstition was spread that birth of son is more auspicious)!

Also, as women tasted financial independence, they also tried being as adventurous as they had seen males to be! Thus teenage pregnancies, adult pregnancies out of wedlock became a common factor – after all when males could gallivant around why couldn’t females too!? If males could pay for sex, why couldn’t females too? When males can booze, take drugs, fall down and lie naked near the drain after being piss drunk…why can’t females be also found like that near the drain – naked and piss drunk?!

Of course there are examples of good men too – men who were scientists, doctors, freedom fighters, professors etc. – even they became role models for women and we have women working in every field today!

So what is the problem?

Just that the negative mentality, wasteful and frivolous kind of people manage to influence more number of people than the good, sober and decent ones.

So what should be done?

The good should team up and work for greater good – in order to become the best. Work for happiness for all. Create awareness campaigns and bring about positive and wholesome changes for mankind.  Bahujan Hitaye, Bahujan Sukhaye


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