When the soul leaves the body

When the soul leaves the body

When the soul leaves the body

When the soul leaves the body
IT becomes gender-less
Loses its gender based identity
Loses all it’s other identities of
religion, caste, creed, breed, country etc.

All that remains recorded are the
good, bad, ugly, adorable, abominable
things done to It while It was on Planet Earth.
And based on these records, It decides to take birth again
with the help of many other mentors, planets, lost lingering souls
of both the subconscious & supraconscious realms
(if It is a heightened/evolved soul, then even Divine intervention happens – very rare occurrence though)

It decides upon It’s course of action
About the journey again to planet Earth
whether to be born as a male or a female
to the same family lineage or a different family etc.
It then takes birth and forgets all about the action-plan that
It had Itself decided to complete It’s life-cycle again as Human
Is called Maya or the Veil of Illusion

So according to Karma, It will again get into the roller-coaster worldly ride
To sometimes be exhilarated by happiness
Or sometimes fall into deep dungeon of misery
But Why?
It has to go through all the emotions – both happiness & misery – that
It had given to someone (or many) in It’s previous lifetimes
But Why?
Because of human vengeance & unforgiving nature
People or entities who were wronged in their previous lives
cannot forgive the wrong doer – & they see to it that they are punished
the lost, melancholic, sorrowful left-sided souls residing in the Subconscious
& the highly ambitious, ruthless, brutal right-sided souls residing in the Supraconcious realms
Continually torture them to draw a sadistic pleasure –
It becomes a habit with them – & thus continue this mundane life-cycle
Of accumulating karmic debts and paying them over & over again!

But how do we get out of it?
By forgiving! It is a simple logic you see!
When a soul learns to forgive, It does not get stuck in either of the realms stated above
But evolves to a higher dimension through the center path.

And where does the Center path lead one to?
Leads the soul to higher evolutionary states..4th, 5th, 6th dimension….
Ultimately to become One with the Divine – The Creator!

Which dimension are the worldly people in now?
In the 3rd Dimension where we only use our mental abilities to sort things out –
which is obviously a half-baked approach to reach any solution!

Why half-baked?
Because we do not see the big picture!
We form instant opinions based on immediate outcome or result of any happening..
We cannot comprehend the root cause of it – & then we form groups to fight for a cause
but we do not reach any solution because we never reach the root of the cause!
All that we are left with are couple of headlines in some Newspaper
and again everything comes back to the same state!

So what is the suggestion?
Awaken to your true self – your divine self!

What about the lost souls of the subconscious & supraconscious realms?
They will stop playing the torturous game suddenly?
No…but they will get an opportunity to be born in an evolved world
To be born to evolved, forgiving, divine souls
They will get a chance to live a happy & contented  life that they had expected to lead
But were not allowed to because of some greedy or ambitious creepy leader
or negative circumstances that created turmoil in the environment that snatched away their peace.

Is it all so easy as you narrate!?
It can be made easy if more and more people awaken to their divine identities.
As more & more people achieve their divine selves- the rest will get motivated to follow them!

Know the reason of your birth folks!
Raise your vibrations to reach higher dimensions waiting for us to explore!
Get Your Self Realization!


A Sahaja Yogini ( - mostly meditating for self realization. Had become an ardent spiritual aspirant way back in 1992 after reading Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda - after 10 years, my Spiritual Guru came in my life! If you are seeking the divine, do visit and know all about Kundalini Shakti awakening and self realization!

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