Tumhari Sullu – Sex & Woman Empowerment!

Tumhari Sullu – Sex & Woman Empowerment!

Tumhari Sullu- A Review

What kinda woman empowerment is being talked about in this film?

Empowered to promote sex-starvedness and encourage frustrated sex starved beeps to express themselves openly? And when such shows are allowed amenably on radio – it just shows the miserable failure of our government and education system that could not provide the citizens their basic needs because of which they are so shamelessly bold about their idiocies!

Story Line:

A family of 3 sisters, twins and Sulochana – or Sullu. The twins are good in studies and are career women – working in banks. Sullu is weak in academics and had flunked in class 12th – she of course blames her failure to her ill health and stuff but her sisters always find her to be over-dramatizing stuff. In order to prove herself, Sullu, even happened to lose 30k in some chit fund stunt…

Her failures are often discussed during family get-togethers and that irritates Sullu no end (but obvious – people –esp. relatives, should not continuously rub in failures…which unfortunately they always every family!)

Sullu is married to a simple man who works for a small company as a manager. She has an eleven years old son. She is a housewife and is shown to take good care of her wifely and motherly duties. She participates in radio programs and wins prizes and is very happy about such small pleasures.

Her son, in spite of having a good and happy-go-lucky set of parents, indulges in all kinds of wrong things (unheard of during our childhood!!). He smuggles adult magazines and cds to school and charges his classmates to watch the dirty images or blue-filmy item numbers!! All this at the mere age of 11 huh! It is always thought that children from broken families or disturbed families – like father beating mother, getting drunk and screaming for no reason or a ‘desperate housewife’ mother – such family backgrounds give rise to such pervert psychologies among children – but in this case – both the parents were rather friendly and nice to their only son…yet the son took to wrong means…Does this mean peer pressure overrides parental care and upbringing!?

Sullu has been shown to be a bit careless though – she was once going to open her son’s school bag to check his dairy but he stops her from doing so…and she agrees…she does not check any further…this is lack of alertness on her part as a mother! Later it was found that he was copying his father’s signature and himself signing the dairy etc!! This is total lack of parental alertness.

Anyways, it so happens that she gets the job of a Sex-chatting RJ (Radio Jockey) whose job is to turn-on listeners with ‘orgasmic’ sound effects and overtures! Obviously her family members – father and sisters and their husbands ask her to leave the job as it was downright cheap and insulting for the family – but Sullu disagrees! She also tells her sister that even she went out of station for audit without her husband…indicating that she could have been doing many other things..other than auditing! Basically Sullu was trying to say that she was making money that gave her independence – the quality of her job should be nobody’s business! To this her sister commented that even ‘Dance balas’ or strip-tease dancers make money so more and more girls can join that!?

Anyways, it fell on deaf ears! Sullu continued to work as a late-night public Sex-Chatter on radio and even got her husband the job of providing food to the office canteen!

Their son was called a ‘phattu’ by his classmates that made him do wrong things….so he said….and when he grows up – and comes to know that his mother is an adept ‘sex-chatter’ and along with him, his friends will also know that his mother is a sex-chatter RJ – what will he be called then?…and what steps will he take to handle the situation………

Here listen to this super hit item song:

Chaar botal vodka, kaam mera roj ka
Na mujhe koi roke, na kisis ne roka…..

Review by – Tumhari Aparna!!


Tumhari Sullu – Details about Sullu’s husband

He worked for 12 years in a small time factory

His reporting heads were all aged septuagenarians and were hardly aware of what was happening in the factory

His subordinates appeared to be like centenarians!

His subordinates were aged tailors who were old and mostly standing on their last legs!

Whether such aged people were hired because they would give cheap labor or because of the large heartedness of the company to keep employees much above their retirement age is not really shown in the film!…like nowadays some corporates are purposely hiring ‘people with special needs’ to work so that they get a respectable life.

Anyway, as a manager Sullu’s husband is not very efficient – cause there was a scene where 2 tailors (both aged) were fighting and he tried to come in between – and he was slapped by the aged tailor!!

Later the grandson of the employer takes over and starts questioning his work and progress.

They lose a 15 lakh order and the grandson – now the boss – calls him a nincompoop! He makes him slog like a donkey and he is shown to be obviously unhappy about it.

He gets drunk and is generally unhappy in his life.

This man is very supportive of his wife’s desires – he encourages her – whatever she dreams of – even  if it sounds silly.

He is shown to be upset about the sexy husky voice of his wife being  discussed and devoured by one and all – a liftman scene is particularly disturbing…but he cannot ask his wife to discontinue.. because he is himself unsure of his own self and job!

Like parents, Like son!?


  • Son is beaten by bullies in school. Son is called ‘fattu’ by bullies because he does not watch ‘blue film’ clips like other students. So in order to prove he is not a fattu – he starts smuggling adult magazines and cds to school and takes money from students in order to let them watch the sexy/ horny females…the boy is barely 11 btw!
  • Son does not discuss anything about school with parents.
  • Mother does not check son’s bag – nor does she ask about his dairy – nor does she ask about his performance in school…and nor does his father ask! Watching the carelessness of his parents, he himself signs his diaries and is enjoying his life his way!..making money by selling ‘soft porn’ thingies.
  • You don’t become a mother by packing tiffin and waving goodbye to hubby and son…and then looking at Air Hostesses and admiring their freedom! Motherhood demands a lot of care, alertness and responsibility…which she lacked.
  • Like mother? – mom was also selling her husky sexy voice to entertain the perverts – son was doing the same from an early age!
  • Like father? Instead of getting beaten by subordinates, it is better to comply to the societal needs – to hell with moral and social values! Father after all allowed his wife to lend her voice to entertain the sex starved perverts…so what is wrong if the son was selling porn cds in school…right inside the class when the teacher was taking classes!

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    • Meenu
    • November 22, 2017

    Now a days only Masala movies like this has been liked by the audience. They are not related to any social message or any other social values oriented. And we all ready to take this bull shit as life is very hectic these days, lots of pressure to meet the ends of daily requirements to fulfil. so what like we served with some vulgarity it should be appreciated.


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