Tragic End of a seeker – Partho De, thanks to false knowledge all around!

Tragic End of a seeker – Partho De, thanks to false knowledge all around!

Tragic End of a seeker – Partho De, thanks to false knowledge all around!

Remember Kolkata’s ‘House of Horrors’

On June 10,2015, Partha’s father, Aurobindo De committed suicide by setting himself on fire at his Robinson Street residence. The next day, the police learnt about Partha living with his a human skeleton at his residence when they wanted to hand over his father’s body. DNA tests were conducted on the skeleton after which it became clear that they were remains of Debjani De, Partha De’s sister, who earlier worked as a music teacher in a city school.

Partha De, who allegedly spent months with the skeletons of his sister and two dogs at their Kolkata residence, brought with him hundreds of questions to Bengal drawing rooms.

  • Was he a cannibal?
  • Were the siblings lovers?
  • Was it a case of witchcraft?
  • Was Partha communicating with his dead sister through a medium?

Early on Tuesday morning, less than two years after Partha De’s life and actions came under intense public scrutiny, his body was found under unnatural circumstances in Kolkata.

According to reports, his body was found in “burning condition” inside a bathroom with half a bottle of petrol and matchstick beside it.  Incidentally, his father’s body was found in a similar condition in their central Kolkata residence in 2015.

Partha De,46, Kolkata’s infamous skeleton man is no more.

Partha De, the reclusive software engineer who abandoned his flourishing IT career in Bangalore after his mother’s death, was killed long before.

One of the last quotes Partha De posted on his Facebook page was by Eleanor Roosevelt:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. It was a fitting epitaph for his sad and traumatic life.

On 21 February his burnt body was found in his Kolkata apartment, just as his father’s burnt body was found at their Robinson Street home in 2015. It has evoked memories of that grisly story when police entered the Robinson Street house and found not only the burnt body of the old man but also the skeletons of Partha’s sister and their two pet Labradors.

Though he had seemingly stabilised his life after his release from a mental hospital in October 2015, Ishita Sanyal, the director of a mental rehabilitation centre he used to visit, tells the Telegraph that he missed his family terribly and craved the love and care of a family. On 21 February, he sent his caregiver out on an errand. When the caregiver returned, he found De’s charred body.

Source: Huffingtonpost , Scoophoop

What is the true story behind Partho De…..

Knowing the suave, selfless, sensitive man he was…. How the media shattered his life…and he was ostracized from the society. He wanted to make a comeback…but the Doors of Mainstream never opened up to include him.

PARTHO DE….the untold story is a Cinema for a Cause initiative of Learning System shot, narrated & directed by Abhishek Ganguli. Research, Script & co-direction by Ishita Sanyal of Turning Point. His psychiatrist  Dr. Sabyasachi Mitra and his Godfather Father Rodney Borneo were also interviewed in this film who revealed a rather sensitive side of Partho.

According to stories released upon his father’ death, it was said that his sister had given up eating and survived on sipping water – thinking that it was a sure shot way to reach God!  Our Government should really take steps to ban and burn such books where seekers are misguided so badly! It was said that she was following some religious book written by someone definitely insane where was said that one can each God if one gives up eating altogether! How dumb can that be – what a dumb thing to write indeed!? Does that mean that people who are actually beggars and living in dire poverty- who don’t get food to eat …are all heading towards God!? It is time we take serious steps to convey to people about true spiritual knowledge or else we will lose many of our young talented citizens due to false knowledge regarding spirituality!

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