The Bystander – A short Film by Anjul Chaturvedi

The Bystander – A short Film by Anjul Chaturvedi

The Bystander – A short Film by Anjul Chaturvedi

For how long can we, the people, continue to be a mere spectators?

Watch the short film embedded below – a very simple narration of our daily lives….that can come to an abrupt end…if we just sit pretty and do nothing about our own surroundings! We all have the habit of cursing the Sarkar…the Government – often forgetting that the Government is of the people, for the people and by the people – we make the Sarkar. So instead of playing the blame game, can we not start to take small steps towards our own growth and progress? Is it not our responsibility – as an educated citizen of the nation, to take action when that can make a whole lot of difference to many of us at the same time?

The story is about a young college going girl…..whose life might have come to an abrupt end…had a total stranger not taken a simple step towards protecting her modesty! Many other subtle aspects are covered deftly in this short film…like:

  • How daughters are so precious ….the ones who kindle the light of love and warmth in any household!
  • How the arrival of a woman can change the perception of a man – how she makes a man understand the essence of this story, her boyfriend was otherwise a dry personality…but knowing her and spending time with her – he started believing in love!

  • Also the importance of a mother figure in the life of a child! The perpetrator, played by Karan Jaiswal , who was about to harm the lady, had a sad childhood – no one to teach him social or moral values! His mother had expired when he was barely 3 years old and his irresponsible father was a drunkard who did not bother about him at all! But in spite of such a gory background, he had managed to get education and was the owner of an Auto-rickshaw. He does confess that he might have been happily married to a lady  living in his neighbourhood – but he had no family backing so that he could propose her! This clearly shows that men are not born as criminals – the social circumstances are such that they turn into one – lack of love and respect can ruin the life of men!
  • And then we have the cynic – played by Anjul Chaturvedi! He has played the role of several of us – we, the people, together! We, the  great cynics, sitting on the heap of knowledge from all available fields – be it politics, history, world news…everything! We know it all….but do very little about it!

Watch the film…what happens when –  the detached becomes attached by chance!



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