Soorma – Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

Soorma – Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

Soorma – Film Review By Kalyug Briefs

Film is based on real life incident of a sports person. Hockey.

Film establishes one point very strongly – that FAMILY is indispensable! The sportsperson happens to meet with an accident because of which he gets paralysed waist down. His brother himself used to clean his ‘answers to nature’s calls’ because they were not well off enough to afford a nursing assistant. His parents and brother sell off the recently bought bungalow so that they could continue to nurse him and buy the medicines. His retired and aged father takes up the job of a salesman again to make both ends meet! Such was the status of their family but they happily compromised with all the hardships – because they had their priorities pretty clear in life – Humans only live happily with love and kindness and when he/ she happens to be a family member, the love is directly from the heart! The family love, concern & care is very heart touching in this film and makes one proud that the rest of the world will see an exemplary well knit Indian family whose priorities are well defined!

Another thing that is clear here is that if you are truly talented, you will get mentors and other helpers to help you out. The fact that the sportsperson could go abroad for the treatment was possible only because of his good consistent sports performance and good relation with the mentors.

Strict Sports Mentor:

What disturbed me while watching the film is the fact that least priority was given to education in the film. What was shown was the fact that boys and girls hit the practising ground early in the morning, practised the entire day and went home only after dusk! And they were beaten & punished ruthlessly if they did not perform well! Now this is really not done! Maybe in real life they went to school – but that should have been shown in the film! Education is of utmost importance – that goes without saying! Plus there is lots of politics while selections! Whoever the mentor is dissatisfied with, he or she is out of the game! In this film, the local mentor was never in support of Sandeep (the hockey player) – because of which he had to approach mentors from a different district to let him play at the national level! So basically what is understood here is the fact that you may have the talent (be it sports, dance, singing – whatever) but if you are not the ‘buttering the feet of the judge/mentor’ – you will be rejected! This is a very bad state of affairs indeed.

In another Hindi film, by the name of ‘Saala Khadus’ – similar things were shown – going to another degrading level where female contestants had to ‘please’ the decision makers… can well understand how male mentors are pleased by young teenage girls…such perverts!

So this partiality/ nepotism should be totally curbed in the sports world..otherwise there is no point in watching any sports/ game which has such disgraceful background – which is based on sheer partiality and dirty politics!


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