Short Film : FLOWS UNEVEN …the World on Wheels

Short Film : FLOWS UNEVEN …the World on Wheels

Short Film : FLOWS UNEVEN …the World on Wheels

The inspiring 25 mins. biography in English of Dr. Asesh Banerjee Chowdhury, a wheel chair bound man who serves the socially ostracized people with intellectual & developmental disabilities…and displays a never say die spirit to conquer all challenges!!!

Dr. Asesh Banerjee Chowdhury – Founder of AHEAD

AHEAD started her journey in 1979, under the leadership of Dr. Asesh Banerjee Chowdhury, the Founder and now Honorary President of AHEAD. Dr. Choudhury was affected by polio in infancy, and lost functionality of his lower limbs. But his physical challenges could not stop his wheel chair to go round the world.

In 1950s, he had to start his academic career at home privately, having denied admission in schools / colleges / universities due to the-then social attitude about disability. Had to appear at examinations as a non-collegiate student. His family support, self-determination and zeal made him a Cost Accountant (FICWA) with Master’s Degree in Commerce (stood First in First Class) and Ph. D in Operations Research. That’s not all, he travelled abroad in his wheel chair to Glasgow for training in Advanced Financial Management under British Council scholarship. Also he is Pragya in Hindi

The hardship he faced in his life to pursue education gave him the boost and it was a dream throughout his life to open a special school where some children with different abilities will come and head towards a changed life.

With a vision that ‘No Child is born to blush unseen’ , the school started in a small rented room with one Autistic child and one Special Educator, and a dream. Under Dr Chaudhury’s constant support and guidance in 30 years Ahead stands on her own 4-storied barrier-free school building. Dedicated and trained educators and staff is the asset of Team Ahead .

His other passions

Dr Chaudhury is the author of many books of nursery rhymes with supporting music cassettes in Bengali, Hindi and tribal languages for the education of the disabled as well as the tribal children. Recently wrote a children’s book for ‘inclusive education’ being a pioneer book in Bengali, English and Hindi languages on which an inter-active animated audio-visual CD is made as a joint project by two Govt. companies.

Visit his website and Donate for the cause!

The Film has been screened at various Film Festivals and Scientific platforms.

Creative Design: Learning System under its Cinema for a Cause Initiative 2014.

Produced by: Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan(Rotary International District 3291)

Script; Direction; Camera; Voice-over: Abhishek Ganguli

The Film:


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