She Sleeps Around – The ‘So What?’ syndrome – Short Story Series

She Sleeps Around – The ‘So What?’ syndrome – Short Story Series

The ‘So What?’ syndrome – Short Story Series

Story One: She Sleeps Around

Pritha and Sunita lived in the same condominium. They both used to meet at 6 am sharp for a morning walk and after that they got busy with their daily household chores.

During one such morning Pritha told Sunita about the new arrival in there condo.

Pritha: Do you know that lady….Malati, the one who lives in the F Block?

Sunita: Malati….no – I don’t think so.

Pritha: But you were talking to her the other day – she was wearing such tight outfit – you said that her T-shirt was unable to hold her assets…

Sunita: Oh! Mala you mean?

Pritha: Her full name is Malati Sengupta….I saw it on her envelop…probably likes to call herself Mala – sounds more modern…

Sunita: Yea…what about her?

Pritha: She is not quite decent you know….she is what you call a ‘desperate housewife’.

Sunita: oof! And how do you know that?

Pritha: Prakash told me…

Sunita: Prakash! Your husband – don’t tell me she showed interest in Prakash of all men……(then quickly realizing her mistake)  I mean he is such a simpleton – he just walks straight – does not even look left or right and she made advances towards him….are you sure! (Sunita chuckled)

Pritha: No, she did not make any advances towards my husband – had she done that, I would have mutilated her by now…..she made a pass at Vivek, my husband’s colleague. Remember Vivek  – the one who sings well and is pretty good looking too….he came to Sweta’s birthday party and stayed till late….

Sunita: Of course I remember – he is quite a smarty and has a way with women too….he must have given her some hints himself – so she approached him….

Pritha: Well, not really – if we are to believe what Vivek said to Prakash – it is not just a mild flirtatious approach but a pretty dangerous proposition!

Sunita: Dangerous ! What nonsense yaar – come-on grow up! It is her body – if she wants to share her bounties with more than one man – well it is entirely her choice! So what?!

Pritha: So then she should go to a Red Light Area – she will get a new man every hour if she so wants!…why malign our family environment!?

Sunita: Hang on Pritha! You are over reacting buddy! She approached Vivek for a quicky not Prakash – so what is your problem? So what if she approached?

Pritha: She did not just approach….she even told him to come with his wife once as they play the ‘wife swapping’ game too!

Sunita: Hey – Vivek must be making it all up…you don’t know the male fantasies – they can make up stories to impress others!

Pritha: Hello! He is fed up of her already – she has started stalking him on both Facebook and LinkedIn! She sent him a friend request – he accepted because he thought that we are family friends…but later she started sending him such nasty posts…she sent her half naked picture to him too…can you believe that! And when he said he is happily married with a four years old son, she continued saying that such things don’t matter to her!

Sunita: (deep sigh) well Sunita – there are many such women in our world – so what? You cannot be moral policing them can you? And you cannot even drive her out of the condo.

Pritha: Of course I can, my husband will be putting up an application this Sunday – to the Administrative body-  against their family – thank God they are living here on rent and have not bought the flat!

Sunita: Don’t you think you are over reacting Pritha? She is libidinous – let her be – so what?

Pritha: Really Sunita? So what huh? Your son is 12 years old now…another 3 or 4 years later – he will be 15 – 16…such are the females who invite them over to their flats and initiate them into the world of sex…..ruining their innocence…..they grow up hating women – thinking that all women ultimately are nothing but whores…..boys don’t cry out such things – they are made to believe that it is the best thing that ever happened to them….but if some aged male initiates a young school going girl into sex – he will be called a molester , pervert or a rapist…..whereas such females go scot-free for the crime they do! Is that fair!? And such females can lay their tallons on anyone – for money also….if we don’t take action now – she will start a ‘Madhu Chakra’ here…inviting all desperate housewives here to her flat and begin a brothel right here in our condo!

Sunita: But how will you prove her to be one such desperate woman?

Pritha: Vivek is ready to share all the Facebook chats and pictures and proposals she made to him – I think that is enough proof! She even mentioned some of the males in our Condo also – they have already started taking her services!

Sunita: Really!! Who are they!?

Pritha: I don’t know them but Prakash knows one of them…..he is another eye sore in our condo – he was threatened couple of years ago to get out of here because he had molested a minor in the elevator…not realizing that the newly installed cctv camera was recording it all!

Sunita: What !? I don’t know about this – he should have been kicked out of the condo then….why is he still here?

Pritha: Oh! How come you did not say ‘ So what’ in this case!

Sunita: No ‘molesting’ is not done at all – it is a crime!

Pritha: And ‘seducing’ – it is a done thing huh!?

Sunita: Well… see what the administration says to your application….

Pritha: Prakash is also a member of the administrative body of our condo…..the decision will obviously be in our favour……she should be thrown out of the condo before she breaks other families here…or introduces her crappy games like ‘wife swapping’ , children swapping, teenage swapping, pornography etc. in our community!


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