Secret Superstar Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Secret Superstar Film Review by Kalyug Briefs

Secret Superstar Film Review

The story in short:

A middle class family man who is well educated and is an engineer is married off to an illiterate lady.

First Mistake!

Men who are educated and exposed to educated girls in schools and colleges will be more attracted to girls they have grown up watching. When such a man is wed off to an uneducated woman, he fails to like or even appreciate her – whatever she may do! Exactly this happened so the man is shown grumpy all the time – hardly spending quality time with wife, never once appreciating her rather finding faults with her all the time. The lady has been shown a bit careless here also – like forgetting to put salt in the food etc. …as a reaction to less salt, he throws the food on her face!

Education does not necessarily make you broad minded!

Although an engineer but when his wife got pregnant for the first time, he took her to the clinic to find out the sex of the child. It so happened that she had first conceived a daughter – and she was asked to abort the daughter! She had run away from the clinic and had returned home after 10 months…..strangely the husband accepted her also because usually a Muslim man is eligible to marry 3 times in one life time….but he did not marry and accepted her with the baby daughter. The next time she produced a male child…who the father loved immensely! The father has been shown to be extra loving towards his son! Shows hatred and disregard for both his wife and daughter but shows love and affection towards his own aged mother and son! A very contradictory character has been shown here!

Basically the social issues cover in this film is that marriages should be arranged very carefully. Incompatible couples give birth to rebels and their children have a sad disposition! A traumatic childhood seldom makes way for a healthy positive personality!

Daughter herself called her mother silly, childlike and stupid!

Daughter witnessed her mother getting beaten for small things and she hated the fact that her mother never retaliated! Her mother too had a point as to where would she go since she was financially dependent on her husband.

The ladies of the family were all very disturbed and sad! The grandmother even said that she wished that she was killed in the mother’s womb – why on earth should women take birth and live pathetically for what?!!

Film is trying to focus on basic value system that needs to be inculcated in humans if they ever want to construct a better world for themselves!

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