Whatcha doin’ on Sundays? Care for some FUNSUNG?

Whatcha doin’ on Sundays? Care for some FUNSUNG?

Whatcha doin’ on Sundays? Care for some FUNSUNG?

Hey folks!

We have all heard about Satsung – the sure shot way to bliss……I am introducing you all to another name synonymous to Satsung i.e. Funsung!

This is an invitation to all the fun loving people who like to add some extra zest to their lives…especially to kick-start  the week ahead – to enter the yet another ‘Manic Monday’ !

Couple of folks teamed up together and hit upon a brilliant plan – Give away FUN for Free – Every Sunday!

Salt Lake Forever is an endeavour to celebrate Music together – to dance away the blues from the previous week and get energized for the next week!! Families get together under one roof, build new relationships, bond with existing ones, more networking – this time for real and not virtual please!

Meet real people, have real fun.

Come out of your shells and blend with the music!

Here are some pictures from last 3 Sundays –

The spirit of Lohri reverberated with the enchanting music of Tri Taal band! Here are some glimpses of the lovely evening!

Connect with the team to celebrate the joy of togetherness –

Facebook: @saltlakeforever

Twitter: @ForeverSaltlake


Phone: 9681212120


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