Purity proposes, impurity disposes. The World Today

Purity proposes, impurity disposes. The World Today

Purity proposes, impurity disposes. The World Today

So the virtuous, chaste & responsible men & women bring up illustrious sons & daughters who get busy into research & development in various fields to come up with more advanced inventions/ discoveries that make life more comfortable for we, the people …. so far so good.

But who is able to utilize the advantages of modern equipments which are highly priced? Of course people who have the money to do so – lots of money in fact.

In our world, money can be earned by any/many means – as long as you don’t get caught by the cops ( you just need to have good connections with the powerful personalities) – you can make money by murdering people also! Source of money is never looked into – have money by any means, spend it and enjoy life! This seems to be a very acceptable motto of the world citizens.

Let us look into couple of vicious ways that people make money…and exactly  how the inventions of bright illustrious students are being utilized –

  1. Organ harvesting – Organised team of doctors steal your liver, kidney, eyes to sell them to the highest bidder. For example some filthy rich fellow becomes alcoholic from the age of 14…so when he is 32, his entire liver has rotted and needs replacement. Healthy people – but unfortunately not rich, are killed so that the alcohol addict gets a brand new liver – that he can make rotten again! Wow! The doctors earn a lot of money in exchange of a healthy liver and other organs! Use of sophisticated equipments and latest laser technologies are used to operate etc.
  2. Drug sellers – Intoxicating drugs are sold near schools and colleges which successfully benumbs the nervous system of the drug addict students. They learn to steal, lie, cheat just in order to buy the drugs. Young college girls even become part time ‘pick-up’ or escort girls just to be able to pay for the drugs. These drug mafia people are filthy rich! They are making children steal from their parents to fill their pockets – isn’t it a rather intelligent way of making money!?

  3. Pornography – Children of porn stars and other extras who jump around the main bed-scene or get small side roles because they are not sexy or voluptuous enough and lack the necessary oomph required to arouse the pervert viewers, usually take up the profession of their parents when they grow up. Plus there are gullible fools – who become bewitched with the flashy lifestyles of the porn actors that is propagated through magazines and News channels – paid PR stuff – who may join the porn industry when they grow up and also those who are kidnapped or blackmailed and forced into this profession – they all make tons and tons of money (not thousands and lakhs of money but tons huh – it has been declared that 3 big IT industries together cannot make the amount of money that the porn industry alone makes!). So basically the money makers behind the porn industry are least bothered about the downfall of morals and values of the system/ nation/ world – they just want to make money by hook or by crook…by hookers basically!

Above are broad classifications of how many people are engaged in illegal ways of making lots of money but no one has the audacity to stop them…because they have a more passionately engaged manpower who literally give up their lives for their wicked bosses. However wicked the boss is…he is after all fulfilling their basic needs of food, shelter, alcohol, sex-workers….

So this is how we can conclude – that the children of responsible citizens are coming up with modern, advanced inventions that is mostly being utilized by the wicked ignorant but rich nincompoops!


Qs. Are all the rich people rich because of illegal / anti-social reasons?

Ans. Of course NOT! How on earth did you reach such a conclusion? Don’t try to confuse the readers….

Qs. Pls cite examples of some modern equipment being used by filthy rich (rich by wicked ways) person.

Ans. Many examples like – high resolution cameras and other software/ instruments used to make porn film and maintain porn sites….they have the money to buy the best of such equipment and manpower to who can do the post-editing and make it more alluring for the piggy perverts.

Cosmetic surgeries – highly priced – done mostly by females who are into the business of selling/ exposing bodies. Whereas if a financially poor girl accidentally gets burnt or is a victim of acid attack – will not have the money for cosmetic surgery and will remain with a burnt/scarred face all her life….so who are using the best of brains of cosmetic surgeons, hospitals etc? the filthy rich with filthy means…..


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