Projapoti Biskut – Bengali Film Review

Projapoti Biskut – Bengali Film Review

Projapoti Biskut –  – Bengali Film Review

A recently released Bengali film. Film is trying to show the problems and issues that may arise in arranged marriages…and how people invite endless humiliation towards themselves by making wrong decisions!

In the film a mother watches her son going through misery because of a recent break-up. Thinking that marriage is the solution of all such maladies, she hastily arranges his marriage with a lower-middle-class family girl. Although she wanted to reject her, but her son put his foot down and upon just looking at her pretty profile picture, he agrees to marry her.

And because the girl was coming from LS (Low Society…as made famous by Archana Puran Singh) – she was rather unconfident about her own self. She tried to please everyone by behaving like a good daughter-in-law, smiling and being quiet and doing her work without any complaints! But at the same time, she was making some pocket money by writing dialogues for mushy Bengali serials.. something that was not even allowed to watch in the family. No one in the family knew that she was making money by writing serial scripts.

Her husband (Antor) was a decent person who was basically a mama’s boy – indecisive and fickle minded.

As it happens in most marriages, they both need to prove their happiness & compatibility among family members by being able to give birth to a child! They both try hard but Shaon fails to conceive. Fed up with her mundane existence, she decides to go home for couple of days.

After she reaches home, she tries to go back to her normal self. She liked to smoke and wear jeans and t-shirt. She started behaving like her good old self. Antor too decides to change his ways and then both of them begin to meet outside. Shaon confesses that she felt bad that her name was changed to Shaon…because the name that her parents had given her was Sraboni but his supposedly culturally rich mother changed it to an HS (high society) sounding name! She then asks him to take her to clubs etc, and basically fulfilled her desires that she always wanted to do through Antor. Simple middle class girls expect their husbands to show all that they desire..and she was after all a very simple girl. Antor begins to appreciate her for what she actually is – non-pretentious.

Antor gets his posting to another city and they both decide to go there and start afresh.

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