Pervert principal cum uncle molests 12 years old student/neice!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Pervert principal cum uncle molests 12 years old student/neice!- A Savdhaan India Episode

Pervert principal cum uncle molests 12 years old student/neice – who eventually commits suicide!- A Savdhaan India Episode

A very disheartening episode of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse)!

A couple with a 12 years old daughter are happy and a close knit family. The husband was supported by his brother-in-law (his sister’s husband) to establish his own shop in town. His brother-in-law (BIL hereinafter)  was the principal of the school. So they had obviously admitted their daughter in his school.

But unfortunately the BIL was a pervert! He used to call the little girl to his office cabin and sexually assaulted her. Since he was both the principal of the school plus her uncle…the little girl did not know how to and what to say to her parents. She started to create excuses to bunk school. Her results started to fall…she used to come first in class but now she had begun to fail…..such clear cut symptoms of stress and mental trauma was not visible to her parents!!

To add on to her miseries, her parents sent her to his house for tuitions also…the poor girl continued to be sexually harassed by the pervert beep both in school and his house! Unable to take the torture of constant sexual harassment, the girls finally tells all about it to her mother! Both parents are shocked but could not face the BIL because they were indebted to him…as he had helped them financially and also because he was his own sister’s husband.

Parents decide to admit their daugheer in a govt. school and request him for a TC (transfer certificate). The beep was angry as he could clearly see that his sex object was soon going to be out of his reach! Dumb parents decided to send their daughter for couple of days more to the school so that TC is available smoothly! Well, that was the dumbest thing they could do. Daughter attends school and is again molested by her uncle. She returns home and commits suicide….. because even her parents had failed her! In spite of know such a gory truth about BIL, her parents sent her to school again! Children depend totally upon their parents…so when the girl saw that her parents were weaklings unable to stand up against crime…she committed suicide!

Now the parents run from pillar to post for justice….eventually they sent BIL behind the bars….but what was the use …..they lost their only child! They should have taken immediate steps to punish the pervert BEEP…he should have been dragged publicly and whipped by all the parents!


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