Just for few moments of temporary pleasure ….

Just for few moments of temporary pleasure ….

Just for few moments of temporary pleasure

Just for few moments of temporary pleasure
The supposedly educated, knowledgeable, responsible citizens
Of this  world
Appreciate, promote, encourage and unabashedly engage in
Complete idiocy that even spineless loser dull fools might avoid!
eg. the Entertainment and Marketing cum advertising sector
is happily engaged in hiring girls & boys from probably either (or/ and)-
shameless/ greedy/ lustful/ responsible/ red-light area families
To undress in front of the camera and give a jiggle show!!
And they are highly paid btw. – because they happen to quench the
sexual urges and thirst of pervert/ frustrated humans!

So instead of getting to the roots of eradicating the source of utter frustration and depression
Which is mostly triggered by poverty, unemployment, dirty living conditions
the super intelligent Admin heads and their sponsors
thought of providing them with a lollipop in the form of Blue Film (Pornography)
and the equally dumb nitwits actually paid them to watch the disgraceful dung of crap!
Like Admin/ Power Heads, Like Public – the common mass after all!!
Now the times are such that there is hardly any demarcation left between a porn film and a regular film!Thanks to the competition and the rising demand of pornography…that even regular ‘U’ films are also turning into pornography!

Hail World !


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