Mr. Bechara & Mrs. Khatarnak – Indian Lockhorns –Leroy & Loretta!

Mr. Bechara & Mrs. Khatarnak – Indian Lockhorns –Leroy & Loretta!

Mr. Bechara & Mrs. Khatarnak – Indian Lockhorns –Leroy & Loretta!

Enjoy the webisodes of Mr. Bechara & Mrs. Khatarnak – Vinod and Ragini respectively – the Indian version of the Lockhorns – Leroy & Loretta!

A bit about the Lockhorns:

The Lockhorns is a United States single-panel cartoon created in 1968 by Bill Hoest and distributed by King Features Syndicate to 500 newspapers in 23 countries. It is continued today by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner. The married couple Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn constantly argue. They demonstrate their mutual deep-seated hatred by making humorously sarcastic comments on each other’s failings as spouses.

1968 to 2018 – 50 years!! Yet things between married couples is still pretty much the same!

Some funny cartoons of the Lockhorns….


lock5 lock3
lock6 lock-4gif


Suspicious Wife – Ragini and her poor hubby Vinod!

Silver Anniversary Celebration – Vinod is clueless about his wife’s preferences regarding food….so it is time for some jali-kati comments….

Valentine’s Day – at the museum! Vinod feels that he deserves to become a unique display piece at the museum for putting up with Rahgini…..

Mrs. Khatarnak catches her hubby at the park…question is : Why is he at the park? Is he meeting someone? Who is she?


Mrs. Khatarnak – Aparna Gangopadhyay – as Ragini
Mr. Bechara – Suraj Kr. Ray – as Vinod

Shot & Direction – Abhishek Ganguli


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