In absence of The Bhagvad Geeta !

In absence of The Bhagvad Geeta !

In absence of The Bhagvad Geeta

Folks, have you ever wondered what would have happened in absence of the quick management training given by Shri Krishna to Arjuna aka. Bhagvad Geeta  in the battlefield of Kurukshetra? Let us try and imagine what would have happened…..

Arjuna (to his charioteer – not Shri Krishna – just some random guy): Bro, turn the vehicle…I am not going to fight.

Charioteer: But Sir….the battle is about to begin and you cannot…

Arjuna (cutting him short)- Do as I say, turn the vehicle and take me back to my shivir (tent).

Charioteer: okk….

Charioteer turns the vehicle and makes his way towards the tent.

Duruyodhna : What on earth is Arjuna  up to…where is he going…why has he turned his vehicle…he seems to be heading towards his tent..

Shakuni: lol…probably he is pottish….who would agree to fight our mighty army….maybe in the heat of the moment he agreed…now after coming to the battlefield and viewing the army he is about to fight against…he is probably shaking in his pants…….I guess he realized his mistake…but a bit late!

Both nephew and uncle had a hearty laugh at Arjuna’s expense.

In the meantime the rest of Arjuna’s four brothers also watch him go. They look at each other frowningly …wondering what could Arjuna have forgotten that he had to go back to the tent!

The soldiers and ministers were getting restless…..the soldiers fighting for the Pandava brothers felt their hearts sinking…one of them was looking at the charioteer and he had given him a disapproval look…..what if there is no war….what is Pandav brothers decide not to fight…..the Kauravs will torture and humiliate them to death….because they dared to fight against the Kauravs….their children and wives will be sold as slaves if Kauravs took over!

After a while Arjuna sent a message to his brothers and asked them to join him for a meeting. All 4 brothers assembled in his tent. Sanjaya had been relating the war proceedings to Dritarashtra…..

Sanjaya Uchava (said): So viewing the mighty army of your heroic sons…Arjuna seems to be too scared to raise his bow and arrows…he is seen running away from the battlefield!

Dritarashtra: I told you….only a fool would decide to wage a war against my sons…they are MY sons after all…I may be blind but I am very strong…I can still crush anyone with just my 2 arms…and the Pandu sons….lol – weak as their father….

Sanjaya: Yes Sir…true… and anyways, none of them are Pandu’s sons …so ideally there should be no war- everything belongs to our Prince Duruyodhana!

Dritarashtra: What a mockery…what a waste of time and effort! We spent so much into training the soldiers, rearing the best of horses and elephants…now Mr. Fickle Bones is backing outta the war…silly!

The 4 brothers reach Arjuna’s tent. Arjuna had already changed into his pyjamans and lying down.

Yudhister: What on earth….why have to changed?

Arjuna: I am not going to fight…I don’t want this bloodshed….let them take away whatever they want – I don’t want a kingdom that is smeared with blood of my kith and kin!

Yudister: But this you should have decided earlier…it is too late now…we can’t just back out..

Arjuna (cutting him short): I have got white pyjamas and kurtis ready for all of us here….we all will go out in white…people will see and realize that we want peace…everyone will be relieved in fact! Did you have a look at the size of their Army? We will just be getting our soldiers killed and make their wives widows and children orphans..that is all that we will achieve from this war! It is all so evident!

Bhima: But Panchali is waiting to wash her hair with Dushasana’s blood…what about it?

Arjuna: Forget it….we can’t fight for that one single incident…I will ask her to forget and forgive…she was also at fault – why did she laugh at Duruyodhna when he fell by mistake….she had to suffer for her deeds!

Nakul: Oh! If she has to suffer for her deeds then don’t you think even Dushasana should suffer for his deeds too?

Arjuna – She started it first Nakul….and don’t argue with your elder brother..where are your manners?

Nakul quietens….he was very respectful of his elder brothers.

So they all come out in white kurtis and pyjamas and wave their hands indicating peace.

Kauravs and his entire Army rofl-ed….Pandava supporters didn’t know where to look…they just couldn’t imagine the humiliation and torture that awaited them! They all knew how cruel Duruyodhna was…when he could get the Queen in the middle of the courtroom and was disrobing her in front of everyone…what would happen to their women…wives, mothers, sisters, daughters… they all will be taken out of their respective huts and probably mutilated and burnt alive…after being raped multiple times by the Kaurav warriors…because their men supported the chicken-hearted Pandavas!

Arjuna mounted on his vehicle and asked his charioteer to take him to the palace. He wanted to counsel Panchali that she needs to chill and forgive. She was after all a woman…women should be nice, calm, gentle and kind…not like some blood thirsty lioness – so what if Duruyodhana tried to rape her publicly – she was beautiful…any man would want to own her…so in his ignorance he did all that…the ignorant should be forgiven. He would also tell her that he misses the  delicious food she cooked for them when they were exiled….can they not spend the rest of their lives simply by living in a remote forest hut…growing fruits and vegetables?

Arjuna went out of the battlefield but his brothers were slow in deciding….Duruyodhana took this opportunity to kill them for good!

Immediately he came charging at them and before the ‘pyjama clad’ Pandav brothers could open their mouths trying to convey that they wanted peace and no bloodshed – they were killed.

Duruyodhana could understand from a distance what was going on….the moment he had seen them in white robes – he understood that they wanted peace….if they could convey their intentions then they might have got the support of thousands of commoners…the soldiers..including his own soldiers! That would have fetched them instant fame…Duruyodhana could not let that happen. So he killed them and declared himself as king!

The soldiers and ministers supporting the Pandavas began to run helter-skelter….they had no clue as to what hit them! They only saw Yudhister being beheaded and they started to run! Poor soldiers and ministers could not run very far….Duruyodhana did not want any Pandava supporter to be alive – he ordered his soldiers to kill each one of them ….promising that their females will all belong to them and become their maids….they could do anything with their females!

Panchali was surprised to see Arjuna walking back in white pyjamas!

Arjuna: Honey I have to tell you something…..

Before he could even open his moth, Dushasana came from behind and beheaded him.

Duruyodhana had specially instructed Dushasana to follow Arjuna and kill him at the first opportunity. Had Arjuna been in his warrior suit…it would have been difficult to defeat him – but Arjuna was not carrying any weapons – he was thinking of himself as some great messiah of peace with no greed for riches or kingdom….who would be worshipped by people worldwide…..but sadly no one came to know of his noble intentions!!

Panchali was now dragged to the middle of the battlefield……


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