Golmaal Again – Film Review @Kalyug Briefs

Golmaal Again – Film Review @Kalyug Briefs

Golmaal Again – Film Review @Kalyug Briefs

A comedy horror film. But a grave message to convey to we, the people!

The immortality of the soul. Soul never dies. Soul or spirit also called ghost lingers around us!!

Many kinds of souls are there – noble souls who do not harm – like Casper, the friendly ghost from Richie Rich comics, or Orko from Heman.


Some souls – when they were in their human form were wronged – and they need to take revenge – they can become bitter and dangerous.

Ghosts can possess a person. Ghosts can enter into your psyche and make you do things according to his/her wishes. Seen many a times in this film!

Science has not found any solution for ghosts because they have yet not entered in the ghost realm. Tantricks do claim that they can control ghosts but that would be one or two in thousands! Because people are not aware of the Soul-science or the afterlife, charlatans have taken over this field and dupe people and make them do mumbo-jumbo – but cannot give any viable solution! Charlatans just want to make money by duping people. It is not necessary that because some field is unknown to us and unaccepted by Science – so that field will be full of frauds or cheats.. and we, the people are helpless….see for example the field of Medicine – it is a branch of science, yet there are people who are misusing their ability to heal the physical body by recommending expensive medicines and tests and making money! So basically cheats and thugs are present in every field…not just in the field where people deal with ghosts, souls…God…..

There are people who do have the extra-sensory ability to sight ghosts! Tabu had that faculty in this film. She used to help departed souls to fulfil some wish of theirs that had remained unfulfilled because of which the soul had become restless.

Souls can be put to rest by people who really know how to be gentle with them. Tabu was a kind and gentle soul – who had the powers to interact with dead souls and help them. She did not make money from this ability of hers – so good souls approached her for her help!

A slapstick comedy with lots of message…phir bhi dil hai hindusthani na…we, the Indians, will try our best to drive in the knowledge of thousands of years that we have accumulated throughout eons of social evolution!


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