Fukrey Returns – A Review by Kalyug Briefs

Fukrey Returns – A Review by Kalyug Briefs

Fukrey Returns – A Review by Kalyug Briefs

When a woman decides to get her work done…she can utilize even the most useless ‘Fukreys’ and come out with flying colors!

This is what the film is all about! Bholi Punjaban is a lady Don who was previously a brothel Madam plus had several other criminal projects under her wing – distributing drugs to frustrated college students, providing sex workers to the frustrated slimy pigs of the nation etc. She was caught and sent behind the bars because of 4 young fools! That happened in part I.

Part II – she gets released with the help of a corrupt politician who wants to become the Chief Minister! She was angry with the 4 young fools so she decides to make them work for her and collect the money that she had to pay to the corrupt minister – 10 crore in 10 days!

They open up a ‘Get rich quick’ scheme and several people invest. Unfortunately they fail and people run after them like blood thirsty hounds. Later somehow the good politician helps them get the corrupt man behind the bars and they are all saved! Everything forgiven and forgotten!

Some random scenes:

2 zoo keepers steal beef meat that belonged to the tigress! Both were discussing whether beef was banned for the animals at the zoo! Shows that even if you are employed, you can still steal…even steal from animals! Humans are ready to eat the putrid meat kept aside for animals also!

The 2 African stooges or body guards of Lady Don were doing Seva in langar – washing utensils and distributing prasaad to people at the langar…but as soon as their boss got released they went back to their old profession – stealing animals, stealing human organs etc! The lady Don had hired doctors and nurses to steal organs of people – eyes, kidney and export them!! All this to make money. At the end, it is shown that this lady was forgiven and she is travelling with the Chief Minister in his car!! Shows that thugs, smugglers…basically criminals involved in organ harvesting, drug dealing, sex worker providing – which of course will include girl child kidnapping etc…is all forgiven by the Government of India…because such are the smart opportunist people who are required to run the nation…a nation of fukreys!?

And what about all the Seva done in the Langar? All went kaput? No change of mind and heart? No change of spirit or soul took place in spite of working and staying in a religious place for so long!? SO basically it is quite possible that people visit temples etc. for time pass or do some seva thinking it to be a kind of bribe for the Gods!! People judge Gods by their standards after all!

People who have not seen Fukrey Part I may read here.


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